Best Super Bowl Commercials 2012: David Beckham, Doritos, Clint Eastwood Among Memorable Ads (VIDEO)

As far as the dejected New England Patriots are concerned, there was only one winner at the Super Bowl. And, it wasn't them. But the New York Giants are not the only team that had a banner night. Several of the advertisers and marketing firms behind the night's most popular Super Bowl commercials were likely celebrating by the time that Tom Brady's last-gasp heave to the end zone dropped harmlessly to conclude Super Bowl XLVI.

As usual, there was a bevy of advertisers hoping that showing skin was the way to win. David Beckham's H&M ad certainly got people tweeting. On the other hand, Ms. Brown -- the latest M&M character -- drew raves, in part, for insisting that she was actually fully dressed.

Nearly as lauded as Eli Manning was Doritos, who had two funny ads vying for the top spot on the USA Today Admeter. With so many ads going for laughs, one of the night's most memorable spots differentiated itself by going in an entirely different direction. Clint Eastwood starred in a stirring Chrysler ad and spoke about the revitalization of Detroit and America.

Here are some of the commercials that generated the most positive buzz during the Super Bowl. What was your favorite?

Best Super Bowl Commercials 2012