These Are The Best Leakproof Swim Goggles You Can Find On Amazon

Reviewers say this selection of goggles for adults and kids have made all the difference.
Leakproof goggles can help keep eyes more comfortable while swimming, especially for those with sensitive eyes or who wear contact lenses.
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Leakproof goggles can help keep eyes more comfortable while swimming, especially for those with sensitive eyes or who wear contact lenses.

There’s little that compares to the joy of a cool pool on a hot day or a relaxing dip in the ocean or a lake. Whether you have a hard-earned vacation coming up or are lucky enough to live close to the water or a pool, you may already be thinking about finding a perfect new swim suit. But you shouldn’t forget about another important piece of swim gear: goggles.

While swim goggles are often associated with kids and competitive athletes, we really shouldn’t let kids have all the fun — or athletes reap all the benefits. Swim goggles are handy for non-Olympic adults, too, especially for those who wear contact lenses or who have sensitive eyes. Plus, there’s something to be said about not having to deal with burning eyes after what was intended to be a nice lap in the water.

Of course, not all goggles are worth their salt. The best kinds are genuinely leakproof and actually comfortable to wear without pulling on your hair or pressing into your face. That’s why we combed Amazon for the best swim goggles available for adults and kids, according to reviewers. Read on for our top picks.

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The high-performing Speedo Vanquisher goggles for adults
These unisex swim goggles from iconic brand Speedo are a favorite among HuffPost editors for their snug, leakproof fit and anti-fog lenses. Their leakproof performance makes them ideal for those who wear contacts or who have sensitive eyes. An extra perk? The goggles are designed with UV protection. Reviewers rave about these, calling them the "best goggles on the market."

They're available in four colors.

Promising review: "I've been using these goggles for close to 2 years now, and they still perform incredibly well. As long as they are regularly cleaned, they don't fog up. As long as the strap is kept tight, they don't leak. Haven't had any issues that weren't easily fixed by cleaning or simple maintenance. Very good goggles, would recommend them for anyone no matter what level of swimmer you are." — Chris
A pair of wide view goggles with soft, comfy silicone seals
These adult unisex swim goggles boast a 4.5 out of 5 rating on Amazon thanks to their comfy yet effectively leakproof fit. Their lenses are outfitted with two layers of soft, flexible silicone to seal off eyes from water without applying uncomfortable pressure.

They're available in seven colors and come with a storage case.

Promising review: "I've used many brands and types of goggles for pool and ocean swimming and these are by far the best. The fit is perfect, there are no leaks, the lenses are extra crisp, and they are extremely comfortable. And the case is cool as well. I highly recommend these goggles. I'll be buying a pair for my wife soon." — Michael W
A bestselling pair of adult and youth goggles for sunny days
These leakproof goggles are a bestseller on Amazon with over 44,000 5-star ratings. They're designed with mirrored lenses for more comfortable swimming on bright, sunny days, since the mirror helps reflect light away from your eyes. They also feature lenses with UV protection and a quick-release, adjustable strap. They're made to fit adults and youth.

They're available in 19 colors and come with a storage case.

Promising reviews: "I am a masters swimmer and grew up swimming competitively. These goggles have been my 'go to' brand for a few years now. I like their styling, fit, and comfort, and you can’t beat the price. They are goggles that I can trust to take on vacation and be assured that the headband or nosepiece won’t break or fall apart and whose seals will stay attached to the plastic part of the google. I use them in the lake and in the pool. Highly recommend." — kb

"I got these for my daughter's swimming lessons, she thinks they are great. They don't slip or leak, no fogging up. And look 'GOOD' !" — Carrie Schultz
A leakproof polarized pair for adults and youth
If you're looking for comfy, leakproof goggles that are also polarized, this highly-rated Zionor pick is the one to get. Its polarized lenses are designed to provide added protection against the sun, while its comfy silicone gaskets will keep water out without leaving marks on your face. Reviewers say these don't just fit kids and adults, but that "kids and adults fight over them."

They're available in 28 colors.

Promising review: "I have never used swim goggles as good as these! They never let water in my eyes, barely fogged, and made no weird marks on my face. They never leaked over the course of hours, even." — Egg
An option with an innovative bungee strap for adults and kids
You might do a double take when you see these straps, but don't be fooled: Reviewers love the bungee design, saying it keeps their goggles on so securely — and water out so decisively — that they wear them with lash extensions on. Plus, reviewers say the bungee strap is easier on hair than plastic versions, with less pulling and a more comfortable fit. The goggles are designed to fit both adults and kids.

They're available in three colors and come with a hard carrying case and a microfiber cleaning cloth.

Promising review: "I bought these for my daughters who swim competitively. They tell me that these goggles are a lot more comfortable than the ones I bought them in the past. They are able to achieve a good seal around the eyes without having to adjust the strap so tight that they look like raccoons all day. The bungee cord is so much easier to adjust than silicone straps and does not pull out their hair as much either. They never want to wear the other kind of goggles again after trying these." — Angie Page
A cool pair of kids' Frogglez goggles
This cool kids' goggles are designed by a dad who wanted to make swim lessons more comfortable for his daughter. Intended for kids ages three through 10, the goggles feature a soft, fabric-covered strap that'll help minimize hair pulling and silicone sealed lenses that'll keep goggles in place without letting in water. They also provide UV protection and are latex-free.

They're available in three colors.

Promising review: "My daughter's goggles were constantly leaking or falling off in swimming lessons. Someone suggested this brand, and it was for good reason! They haven't fallen off or leaked once that I can think of after months of use. I highly recommend. They are pricier, but worth it." — Mahrs Schoppman
A highly-rated, affordable two-pack of Eversport kids' goggles
Reviewers call these kids goggles "a lifesaver." Their leakproof design and anti-fog, UV protection-enhanced lenses help keep kids comfy so they can enjoy their time swimming. The goggles also feature a snap back clasp so kids can easily take them on and off when it's time to transition in and out of the water.

They're available in seven color options.

Promising review: "2 pairs of goggles for such a great price! Easy to tighten and loosen, the back snap makes it easy for kids to put on. No leaks or fog!" — Chris

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