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Best Swimsuits Of 2016

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For Glamour, by Sophia Chabbott.

Finding that perfect, sexy, and flattering swimsuit has long been a daunting task, but no more. Your years of dressing room horror stories, suits that don't flatter a big bust or small boobs, and bikini bottoms that dig into your hips like yowww -- all for suits that might not even be that cute -- are a thing of the past. This summer, designers have heard your cries for awesome one-piece swimsuits, monokinis, and bikinis that are comfortable and look great on lots of different body types. Here, from hot bay-kinis to cutout-chic monokinis to boho-vibed crocheted numbers, are the very best styles of the summer 2016 season. And with trends this good, you can't help but jump right in. (See what we did there?) So get clicking -- your perfect summer swim style awaits!

The Best Swimsuits of 2016