The Best Taco Spots In America, According To Foursquare

Taco Tuesday? More like Taco EveryDayForTheRestOfMyLife.

Tacos are one of life's great mysteries. In theory, they're super simple to make. In practice, they require near-perfect star alignment to make well and some damn magic to perfect.

Foursquare, for instance, says there are over 200,000 restaurants in its database that are known for tacos. But according to site metrics such as "likes" and "saves," there are only 50 truly excellent taco spots across these United States.

Below, behold Foursquare's top ten: The yummiest of the yum, where the meat is expertly marinated, the sauces always spicy and the tortillas tastier than homemade.

La Taqueria
People travel near and far to taste the authentic flavors at this San Francisco favorite.
Foursquare/Kyle L.
The bright and fresh toppings come piled high at this Atlanta, Georgia, spot.
PGH Taco Truck
Foursquare/James R.
Pineapple salsa in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania? Yep, when balanced out with spicy pork at PGH Taco Truck.
Foursquare/Emma H.
This Brooklyn, New York, taco truck promises variety, including a selection of sauces and pork belly, duck carnitas and even octopus fillings.
Foursquare/Rafi S.
As this Austin, Texas, standby knows, breakfast tacos are the most important tacos of the day.
Capital Tacos
Foursquare/Jo Ann W.
Land O' Lakes usually has us thinking of butter, but thanks to Capital Tacos in Land O' Lakes, Florida, now we're dreaming of rich and inventive tacos.
Foursquare/Remil M.
If simple and perfectly marinated meat is your jam, look no further than this Los Angeles hotspot.
Los Tacos No. 1
Foursquare/Abbas R.
One bite of the adobada (marinated pork) tacos and you'll forget you're in the middle of Chelsea Market, NYC.
Paco's Tacos & Tequila
Foursquare/D'Art S.
This Charlotte, North Carolina, favorite serves up homemade tortillas and a major spice factor.
Torchy's Tacos
Fried avocado tacos are a customer favorite at this Austin, Texas food truck.
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