10 Of The Best In-House Target Brands

Target loungewear is the cream of the crop, but there's even more to discover.

Target has many incredible in-house brands that encompass everything from snacks and cleaning sprays to children’s clothing and holiday decor. I’ve done my best to choose the very best lines into one cohesive list, though I’ll share an editor’s note that the task was a difficult one — it sort of felt like I was choosing between my children.

No disrespect to product lines not included in the list below. I love you, too. Let’s get into it.

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Goodfellow & Co
Quite frankly, I haven't given a single gift to my dad or fiancé that did not in some way involve Goodfellow & Co. The line is affordable but the quality is top-notch, and they offer everything from versatile crewnecks and cargo shorts to roomy sweatshirts that I purchase as a present with the intention of stealing back for myself.

Product highlight: Crewneck ultra-soft sweatshirt ($15)
Open Story
If you're planning on taking a trip anytime soon, Open Story has all of your packing needs. They offer quality backpacks, weekenders, RFID wallets, pet carriers and hard-sided luggages, the latter of which is offered in adorable pastel hues to separate your stuff from the rest of the trolley.

Product highlight: Carry-on suitcase ($169.99)
Stars Above
Stars Above reigns supreme when it comes to Target brands, and I've actually written what is essentially a love letter to their iconic Beautifully Soft collection before. Stars Above ranks number one on my list because it makes aspirational loungewear feel accessible, with quality products that truly feel as luxurious as they look (even after multiple washes).

Product highlight: Collar top and shorts pajama set ($21.99)
Cat & Jack
I do not have children but if/when I do, rest assured that they will be clad in Cat & Jack from head-to-toe. The line offers everything from sweatshirts and jeans to adorable socks like these ... which I absolutely wish they sold in adult sizes.

Product highlight: Bear print socks ($6.49)
Cleaning is awful, boring, the absolute worst, but I'd be lying if I said that using Everspring didn't make chores feel less tedious. Wiping down your countertops feels much more romantic when the spray you're using has a delicious lavender and bergamot scent. Extra points go to the brand for simple but eye-pleasing packaging.

Product highlight: Lavender & bergamot all-purpose spray ($2.99)
Sonia Kashuk
Many folks don't realize that Sonia Kashuk is a Target brand but, in fact, it is! They transform makeup storage and application into a breeze courtesy of affordable but effective products, ranging from blending sponges and concealer brushes to tray organizers and brush cleansers.

Product highlight: The complete 10-piece brush set ($50)
This line has single-handedly seen me through adolescence and adulthood thanks to affordable styles in the swimwear category. Bless them for offering bikini tops with underwire, support and D/DD cups.

Product highlight: Shirred underwire bikini top ($23)
All in Motion
Athleisure rules supreme when it comes to "clothes that I will never not shop for" and All in Motion has leggings and sports bras down to a science. All of the offerings are reasonably-priced (especially in comparison to other activewear brands).

Product highlight: Brushed sculpt high-rise leggings ($28)
Good & Gather
If you've ever looked in your pantry and felt blah by the available snacks, a date with Good & Gather is what you're missing. They offer everything from frozen foods and produce to drinks and snacks — we're talking creamy almond butter, ginger peach sparkling water, cheddar puffs and more.

Product highlight: Organic white cheddar baked puffs ($4.99)
Hyde & EEK! Boutique
My Halloween heart looks forward to October every year, if not for the horror movies then for the trips down spooky Target aisles filled with products from Hyde & EEK! Boutique. Target launches creepy tablecloths, kitschy animatronics and fun costumes every year and it never disappoints.

*An aside that they only have a few items from Halloween 2021 available on their website currently.

Product highlight: A monster dog costume ($12.99)
A pair of versatile denim overalls

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