11 Useful Tech Items You’ll Want To Pack If You’re Traveling With Kids

From an instant camera to an indestructible iPad case, these will make all the difference on your next family vacation.
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A Hey Dewy humidifier, an instant camera and a smartwatch for kids.

Travel season is upon us in earnest. Whether you’ve got a big family road trip planned involving long car rides, are visiting loved ones overseas, can’t wait to go camping or simply want to explore your state, having a few kid-friendly travel accessories can make a big difference in terms of convenience, comfort, ease and safety. And while kid-specific travel toys and gear are great, there are also quite a few kid-specific tech accessories and gadgets that can come in handy, too.

Below, we’ve rounded up some great travel tech items for children of varying ages. It includes entertainment options like cameras and tablets, products to help them stay comfortable no matter where you’re staying — like a humidifier and sound machine — and safety devices for peace of mind wherever you might be. Take a look and see if any of these might make your travel a bit more seamless or help to keep the peace if travel conditions become challenging.

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A pair of kid-friendly headphones
Made for kids ages three to 16, these on-ear headphones come in five sweet colors to choose from. They have soft padded cushions to help protect their ears, can be folded in for compact transport and storage and have a five-foot cord with a durable braided cable. They're compatible with many devices, generally including smartphones, tablets, computers, Amazon Fire and more. However, if you have an iPhone 7 or higher, or any device that doesn't have a jack port, you'll need to grab a jack adaptor.
JioBit tracker
Putting GPS trackers on your kids can be a bit controversial, but they might be a good option if you're headed to a theme park, the wilderness or just want a bit of peace of mind as you traverse the globe. JioBit is one of the only trackers made specifically for children, and it's lightweight and durable with a long battery life that can last up to 10 days. It's discreet and easy to attach to clothes or backpacks. It uses real-time GPS tech for accurate readings and is easy to use and set up. It does require an additional subscription plan.
A digital camera for kids
Kids will adore having their very own digital camera for capturing memories from their perspective. This option is available in seven different colors and can capture images, record video and play it back. It also has a self-timer and comes with three games. It's a great way for kids to learn about photography and discover the world around them.
Yogasleep Rohm portable sound machine
White noise machines are excellent at masking distracting noises and helping babies, kids and people of all ages sleep more soundly. This portable sound machine is specifically designed for travel and can be purchased with or without a carrying case and in sets of two or three. It has a convenient handle so you can grab or hang it with ease. It's battery-powered, has an adjustable volume and has three sounds to choose from: bright white noise, deep white noise or gentle surf.
A smartwatch for kids
Available in five colors, this kid-friendly smartwatch is splash-proof, durable and ultra-cool. it can take videos and pictures, add funny filters, and comes with a game, pedometer and sound effects. It's perfect for kids ages four and up.
Nanit baby monitor
There are many travel baby monitors to pick from, but most require both a camera and a separate monitor. The Nanit baby monitor streams directly to your iPhone, turning your phone into a portable monitor. It comes highly recommended by Christy Escobar, an actor, writer and artist who took her first overseas family trip when her daughter was just two months old and hasn't slowed down since. She told HuffPost that "the Nanit is great because you can just unhook it from the wall mount and pop it in a case with its own little flex stand. I can just set it up anywhere (like on a stack of books) if we want to keep an eye on her from the other room but not disturb her sleep." Escobar purchased a bundle from the Nanit site with both the wall mount and flex stand, but you can purchase it for a bit less money without the stand on Amazon.
LifeStraw water bottle
Available in three colors, the LifeStraw water bottle is an innovative way to keep hydrated, especially if you aren't sure about the water where you're traveling. LifeStraw uses advanced filtration technology to ensure that everything from bacteria and parasites to dirt and microplastics are removed before the water reaches your lips. It’s ideal for people traveling and camping, but just as convenient for everyday use at home, school or while out and about.
A Polaroid-style instant camera
If your kid is a bit older, this instant camera will help keep them engaged and excited along their travels. It comes in five different colors and can be purchased alone or with the accompanying film.
Hew Dewy humidifier
Dry climates, whether they're the result of weather or overactive heating and AC systems, can wreak havoc on sinuses and sleep routines. Keep your travel space appropriately humid with the help of Hey Dewy's nourishing humidifier. It's wireless and rechargeable, lightweight and quiet, making it ideal for travel. It's sleek, visually appealing and available in three colors.
A kid-friendly iPad case
If you've got a family iPad (or, let's be real, a parents' iPad that turned into a family iPad) you're going to want a kid-proof case, especially if you're about to do some jet-setting. This sturdy and durable case will keep your tablet safe from manhandling, with a built-in screen protector, shockproof frame, a handle for easy carrying and a stand to make watching shows and playing games easy while in-flight. It's available in nine different colors.
Or a kid-dedicated tablet with a streaming subscription included
Or, you can get your kids their own tablet, like the Amazon Fire Kids. It comes in three different colors and is ideal for children ages three to seven. This particular tablet includes a yearlong Amazon Kids+ subscription, parental controls, a kid-proof case and a two-year guarantee. It's full of ad-free books, games, video apps and more.
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