The 17 Best Things About Being Broke As Hell

It's harder to make a living in some cities more than others. But the truth is, from New York City to Honolulu, being broke is universal. Most of us are there right now, counting pennies for the laundromat. And you know what? We're better for it.

Broke life has taught us a few things about ourselves, our friends, and the greater human condition. Sure, it's an emotional roller coaster, but it's not all bad.

Here are some of the best things about this very temporary time in our lives. (It is temporary, right?)

1. Your bank is a comedian, and you're the punchline:

2. The idea of a 401(k) is just a big joke:

So is retirement, for that matter.

3. You've learned to cope with anxiety:

This is what it's like to check your bank account balance. And every time sends you into the five stages of grief:

Stage 1: Bank Account Denial.

We know the feeling. Those numbers just can't be right.

Stage 2: Bank Account Anger.

You are angry at Bank, Bank is indifferent to your emotions.

Stage 3: Bank Account Bargaining.

Don't sign that short-term loan. Don't do it!

Stage 4: Bank Account Depression.

It's a low point now. The struggle is real.

Stage 5: Bank Account Acceptance.

You made it out of the darkness and into the light. Hey, payday's tomorrow!

4. Speaking of payday, this is what it feels like:

5. So you go straight to the ATM and look like a huge baller:

Too bad it all goes to rent.

6. The countdown to the first of the month is the best time to sweat off that "anxiety weight":

And somehow, you always seem to make *just enough* to pay your landlord.

7. But you can gain it back with your creative cuisine:

8. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner is as glorious as this:

9. And you're adept at decision-making:

What's it gonna be tonight? Mystery fridge pizza or square-shaped thing?

10. You are an expert at making the most of the drive-through dollar menu:

11. Having no money teaches you to appreciate the little things in life:

Because it's all you can afford.

12. And the free things, like hugs and splashes:

Yup, all the best things in life are free.

13. And curbside treasures:

It's like "Antiques Roadkill" in your house, and you kind of brag about it.

14. You become really good at math:

15. And no one hits you up for money:

Because they know. They know.

16. You feel the thrill of a shopping spree:

At Goodwill.

17. And, above all, you know this is true:

Mo' problems. (But this is temporary, right?)



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