The 10 Best Things Currently Happening in the Music Scene

1. Este Haim's Bassface
By now, anyone who has heard of Haim has probably heard of Este Haim's ridiculous-looking-and-totally-incredible "bassface." As younger sister and band member Alana once said, "it's like she smells something but it's awesome." Can't think of a more accurate way to describe it -- but whether you are Haim's biggest fan or have yet to jump on the sisterly bandwagon, Este's mesmerizing face gymnastics alone should put them on your must-see list for 2014. Luckily, they're playing at some of the most hotly anticipated festivals this year -- you can catch Este's bassface everywhere from Coachella to Outside Lands to Sasquatch.

2. Chromeo and Ezra Koenig's Collaboration
This seemingly out-of-nowhere collaboration delivered in the best way possible -- the slow jam 'Ezra's Interlude' combines the funky throwback vibes we've come to expect from Chromeo with an equally satisfying dose of Vampire Weekend's signature vocals. Loving this combo a lot.

3. Lizzy Plapinger's Hair
The "Ms" in Ms Mr since 2010, Lizzy Plapinger is known for putting the kick-ass vocals in the duo's catchy tunes. The New York native has sported many a haircut since breaking onto the music scene, but her current chopped pink 'do is hands-down the best thus far. There are undeniably few people who can pull off this type of hairstyle -- but Lizzy, who earns extra points for being a Vassar grad, rocks the look with ease and style.

4. Arcade Fire's Sass
Arcade Fire brought their notorious rock-and-roll (read: dgaf) style to Coachella, where they fired off a series of snide remarks critiquing the festival's VIP policy and instrument-less musical acts. Their unwillingness to participate in unspoken etiquette rules is refreshingly honest -- and thankfully, it's likely that their upcoming performances will reflect a similar level of no-holds-barred banter.

5. Chvrches' Accents
When it comes to adorable Brits, Scottish newcomers Chvrches are pretty much as perfect as it gets. This is especially true in regards to member Lauren Mayberry, the band's resident vocalist, former journalist, part-time synthesizer musician, and sole dose of estrogen. She's refreshing humble, completely adorable and pretty much the No. 1 most desirable BFF of all time. Their accents makes their music just that much more enjoyable, as well as making them one of the must-see live performances this year.

6. Kanye West's Parental Skills
Kanye is undoubtedly one of the most controversial figures on the music scene -- some people (ahem, Taylor Swift fans) hate him with a passion, while others think almost as highly of him as he thinks of himself. But no matter which camp you come from, it's pretty much impossible to deny that little North has infinitely changed him for the better. Looks like our Kanye is growing up.

7. Macklemore's Words of Wisdom
Macklemore recently gave a TEDxPortland talk, where he spoke about "perseverance and creative independence." Though Macklemore is one of the more mainstream performers making the festival-and-concert rounds this year, he's consistently set himself apart by using his music career to engage in conversations about timely and poignant topics -- including, perhaps most famously, his hit 'Same Love.' His TEDxPortland talk shows yet another layer to Macklemore's persona, and even further establishes him as an artist respectable beyond his musical talent.

8. Disclosure's Music Videos
Electronic duo Disclosure is undeniably climbing their way to the top -- from competing with Arcade Fire for Coachella's Sunday-night headliner to helping launch some of the best new vocalists around (hello Sam Smith), they don't appear to be slowing down anytime soon. But arguably one of the best things Disclosure is doing is in regards to their music video game, particularly that which accompanies their single 'When A Fire Starts To Burn.' If you've already seen it, you know what I'm talking about. And if you haven't, go watch it. Now. You won't be disappointed.

9. Flume's Game
In a recent interview, Flume mentioned that he learned to scuba dive by randomly calling up a "beautiful Norwegian marine biologist" that he briefly met while on tour. Like literally, she was gorgeous and they had met once and he went to Thailand to spend a week with her and learn to scuba dive. I guess it helps being Flume, but seriously -- dude has game.

10. Grouplove's Beyonce and Jay Z Cover
Anyone who read my Coachella superlatives post knows the extent to which I am currently obsessing over Grouplove's 'Drunk In Love' cover. It appears that they've only been performing this unexpected cover in shows since March, but it's already making waves in the music community. All I can say is they better not think of taking it out of their set anytime soon.