How To Use Tinted Moisturizer To Brighten Up Dull Winter Skin (PHOTOS)

How to ditch dull for good.

I've about had it with winter and what it's doing to my skin. After a rigorous morning routine of lathering on moisturizer and sunscreen, I peer into my bathroom mirror only 10 minutes later to find my face flaking and peeling again. Ugh!

With all of the excessive dryness, there's no way that I can even attempt to apply foundation or blush. Yet, I've rediscovered an unexpected product that provides a happy medium between hydrated and luminous skin. Tinted moisturizer -- yes, that tiny tube you reach for during the warm weather months -- is actually worth whipping out and smoothing on when it's blistering cold outside.

"Women tend to look 'cakier' in the winter, due to the many layers of serum, moisturizer, eye cream, SPF and foundation that we apply. Winter climates also have the tendency to 'lock in' the many layers on your face," explains Mark celebrity makeup artist Jamie Greenberg. "While most people think that a light tinted moisturizer is just for summer, it’s actually perfect for allowing your skin to look breathable and fresh in the winter."

So, what's the secret to using tinted moisturizer to achieve a smooth and flawless finish? It's all about skin preparation and application technique, according to the professionals.

Greenberg suggests layering and using heavier moisturizers at night so you wake up totally hydrated. After cleansing your face, apply tinted moisturizer to even out skin tone, as well as achieve a dewy complexion. Editorial and celebrity makeup artist Tia Dantzler takes it one step further by using Johnson's Baby Oil Gel as soon as she steps out of the shower to lock in 10 times more hydration before applying her tinted moisturizer.

And when perusing the drugstore aisles or department store counters for tinted moisturizer, Greenberg reminds us that we tend to be one or two shades lighter in the winter, so it’s important to match the shade to the skin tone on your face for a natural look. "I would recommend going one shade darker than your neck, the palest part of your body, maybe even two. A great trick is to apply a dab of a darker shade to your perfect winter match, which will add some warmth and make you look refreshed and sun-kissed."

If you battle hyperpigmentation, acne and age spots, Dantzler advises applying concealer after you put on your tinted moisturizer for a brightening effect. Her tool of choice for airbrushed-looking skin: a Kabuki brush.

Now that you've taken this crash course on how to make tinted moisturizer work in winter, shop our product picks in the slideshow below.

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20

Tinted Moisturizers

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