The Best Tortilla Chips: How Do Tostitos Rate?

The Best Tortilla Chips: How Do Tostitos Rate?

We often turn to tortilla chips as a vehicle to get dips from the bowl to our mouth. But have you ever stopped and wondered if the chips you choose are really the tastiest, the crunchiest, the most balanced in flavor? Guacamole is a prized creation, and so are fresh salsas; you certainly don't want to be muddying those crisp, bright flavors with a subpar chip.

Most of us turn to Tostitos for our tortilla chip needs, but we at Kitchen Daily needed to know: is that really the right choice? With the football playoffs in full swing it's time to get to the bottom of this chip query.

Our editors blind-tasted seven different brands of white corn tortilla chips. Some of them were spot on with a perfect balance of crispness and saltiness, and the others ... well, they were not quite as pleasant -- tasting of burnt popcorn, cardboard and even raw dough. So which tortilla chip should you turn to for your future dipping needs? Check out the slideshow to see which brands ranked the highest in our taste test.

How did your favorite tortilla chip rank? Let us know in the comments below.

As always, our taste tests are in no way influenced by or sponsored by the brands included.

#7: Snyder's Of Hanover
Joseph Erdos/Kitchen Daily
"Whoa. Salt overload." "Perfect salt and crunch." "Great salt and crunch." "Doesn't fit in with the others." "Tastes floury, like raw dough. Not good."
#6: 365 Organic
Joseph Erdos/Kitchen Daily
"Decent flavor, good crunch." " Tastes too healthy." Tastes like cardboard. Stale cardboard." "Normal." "Pronounced corn flavor." A little tough, but nice savory, full flavor." "Bland. Weird aftertaste."
#5: Bachman Restaurant Style
Joseph Erdos/Kitchen Daily
"Tastes like a healthy version of a tortilla chip and I don't like it." "A little too sturdy, with odd aftertaste." "Nice wheaty taste." "Not entirely sure what this tastes like." "Slightly burnt taste."
#4: 365 Restaurant Style
Joseph Erdos/Kitchen Daily
"Good with salsa." "Tastes like fair food." "Popcorn!" " Little flavor." " Fragile, but good." "Chips are too wide." "Very flaky and oversized artificial-tasting chip."
#3: Bearitos
Joseph Erdos/Kitchen Daily
"Very crisp, neutral flavor." " Really good, nice flavor." " Nice corn taste." "Too bland. Too thin." "Brittle, bland, pathetic." "A little raw tasting."
#2: Garden of Eatin'
Joseph Erdos/Kitchen Daily
"Nice thickness to hold up to dip." "Very enjoyable. Not too salty, not too thin." "Strange, rough texture." "Foot-like." "Natural tasting with good crisp."
#1: Tostitos Restaurant Style
Joseph Erdos/Kitchen Daily
"Nice and crisp. Would let the flavors of a salsa really shine." "Good thickness, salt and crunch." "Addicting, salty." "Tastes oily and very much fried." "Weirdly good -- a neutral flat form for good guacamole."
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