The Best Places In Colorado For Young Families, According To Nerdwallet Study (PHOTOS)

Is there a better place to grow up than Colorado?

We think not, and a recent study by Nerdwallet has even surveyed our Great Plains and mountain towns to take some of the guesswork out of finding the best spots for young families. The results are based on three criteria: does the town have good public schools? affordability and income growth over the past decade.

1. Superior
superior colorado
According to the survey, the standout perk of Superior is it's quality of education, where students are able to benefit from the Boulder County School District. The median home value in Superior is listed as $395,000.

2. Highlands Ranch
highlands ranch
Just 30 minutes outside of Denver, Highlands Ranch also offers a high quality of education and residents can choose from four recreation centers, two dozen parks and two golf courses.

3. Louisville
louisville colorado
Louisville has one of the lowest employment rates in the state and last year CNN Money ranked it the No. 1 place to live.

4. Erie
erie colorado
In addition to seeing 340 days of sunshine out of the year, Erie is also trying to utilize their solar energy. For commuters, Erie is also close to Longmont, Boulder and Interlocken.

5. Castle Rock
castle rock colorado
Castle Rock has panoramic views, and a great laid-back town vibe. Parks comprise 27 percent of Castle Rock's total land area and in the summer, the town organizes events like outdoor movies, wine tastings, farmers markets and more.

6. Parker
parker colorado
Parker has a network of trails for biking, hiking, skating, horseback riding, and the Rueter-Hess Reservoir is open to fishing and hiking.

7. Broomfield
broomfield colorado
Broomfield is home to a growing tech industry, that includes Level 3 Communications and Oracle. There are open trails for walking the dog and running, plus the 1st Bank Events Center that hosts concerts, a circus, and more every year.

8. Windsor
windsor colorado
Windsor is situated in Northern Colorado. Residents have easy access to Loveland's art district, downtown Fort Collins and Greeley. This August, the USA Pro Challenge will even be passing through Windsor to finish in Fort Collins.

9. Durango
durango colorado
The most popular city in La Plata County and just a 30 minute drive from the New Mexican border, Durango boasts gorgeous mountain views and hiking trails. Durango offers zip lining, camping trips, train rides and other family activities.

10. Littleton
littleton colorado
The median home value in Littleton is $266,200. Historic downtown Littleton offers a break from the skyscrapers of Denver. The town is connected to Denver however by the RTD light rail, providing easy transportation into the city without the parking costs. The Littleton History Museum is situated next to Ketring Lake and recreates an 1860s farm life -- and it's always free. In late August, Littleton also hosts Colorado's largest hot air balloon show!

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