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As a corporate beauty industry executive, Erin Sykes found herself on the road more than she was at home. The impact of working irregular hours, constant travel, and commuting took a toll on her health, her relationships, her motivation and her moods.

Erin knew that she was not the only person who felt this way. Most of her friends (all in their mid-30s and mid-career executives and/or new mothers) were experiencing the same emotional drain. She kept asking herself, “How can we live balanced lives and support our minds and bodies in a sustainable way while juggling our families and careers?”

Noticing the need for a flexible wellness network with highly curated online instruction, Erin launched Mission 360, a video-on-demand yoga, fitness, meditation and coaching site. Erin told me, “Mission 360 was inspired by my personal experience: the real-world reality of long commutes, intense work schedules, early mornings, late nights, life challenges, hangovers, breakups… and the release of a great workout, a moment of stillness, and remembering the power of choice.”

Many people today are stressed out because of all of the demands of modern life. At the end of the day many of us feel somewhat disconnected and often even depressed. We all need to grow and evolve on many levels and “wholistically” - which is why Erin named her site Mission 360 - and we also need to allocate time for self-care.

When people manage to carve out time to go on a retreat, they rarely are able to incorporate that idyllic peace back into their daily lives. Erin said, “The real trick is taking that lightness, gratitude and compassion with us into the ‘real world.’”

Having multiple yoga, meditation, and coaching methodologies available on one mobile platform is a major step in this process - a place to both support your wellness and wellbeing, provide you with mind-expanding content, practical exercises, as well as accountability through coaching. Mission 360 is a modern sanctuary dedicated to inspiring self improvement and empowerment as well as serenity and equanimity.

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