Best TV Lines Of 2013: They ARE Great, Bob!

There was really no contest about the single best line spoken on TV this year.

"Not great, Bob!" It was only three words, spoken by an angry Pete Campbell as he joined the ever-sunny Bob Benson in an elevator on "Mad Men." But Vincent Kartheiser's line delivery was deliciously perfect, and fans have been quoting the line and playing back that Vine endlessly.

That's far from the only great line that was uttered on TV this year -- there were hundreds of keepers. HuffPost TV kicked off the hashtag celebration #BestTVLines2013 earlier this week, and TV viewers joined in on the fun and reminded us of just how many awesome bon mots and amazing declarations we were treated to during the past twelve months.

Based on an unscientific poll of hundreds of quotes tweeted with that hashtag, "Orphan Black," "Orange Is the New Black," "Breaking Bad,"
"Scandal," "Parks and Recreation" and "The Vampire Diaries" are a few of TV's more quotable shows.

But our slideshow of more than 150 of 2013's most awesome lines contains quotes from dozens of different shows, from "Archer" to "American Horror Story: Coven" to "House of Cards." Don't blame us if you giggle excessively while sampling the most memorable offerings of #BestTVLines2013. Enjoy!

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