Best Tweets 2012: The 101 Most Amazing Things Women Said On Twitter This Year

Trust us, you're going to want to read every single one.

Every Friday, those of us who sit near HuffPost Women's editor Margaret hear laughter coming from her direction, and it takes only a second to realize what's going on. "Oh," someone says, "she's editing tweets."

Ever since we introduced the weekly Twitter feature back in March, we've enjoyed seeing how much brilliance and hilarity can fit into 140 characters. We still don't actually know many of the women we include, but because we're constantly looking at their feeds, we kind of feel like we do at this point. We just hope that you have as much fun reading our roundups as we do pulling them together.

It wasn't easy to narrow down the list, but the slideshow below contains what we consider to be the 101 best tweets from women in 2012. Some have appeared previously on HuffPost Women, while others are new to the section, but they all deserve recognition. (Thanks, FavStar, for helping us find some additional gems.)

Finally, we got you a present: We just set up our Best Tweets From Women page, where you can flip through roundups you may have missed. A few of the older tweets don't show up (thanks, Internet), but it's still worth a taking a spin through the galleries while you're trying to get through this week before the holidays.

Which tweet is your favorite? Who is your favorite woman to follow on Twitter? Let us know in the comments. And be sure to follow HuffPostWomen as well as editors Margaret Wheeler Johnson, Emma Gray, Nina Bahadur, Christina Huffington, Lori Leibovich and Lori Fradkin.

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