Best Tweets: What Women Said On Twitter This Week

The Best Tweets From Women This Week

Earlier this month, Charlene deGuzman made our roundup of best tweets with this comment: "'Living the dream,' I said dryly, as I took off my bra and threw it on the kitchen table." We know there was some sarcasm in her remark, but we could also understand the impulse to make herself more comfortable the second she walked in the door. (It's the same reason we put on sweatpants immediately after a big meal.)

This week, kdn took it a step further, admitting that it's not always possible to wait till you get home: "Having one of those days where I have to take my bra off during my car ride home from work," she tweeted. And she wasn't the only one telling the world about her bra. Referring to the detailing on her own, Ali Ward quipped, "Without this tiny silk rose sewn between my bra cups I would be an absolute beast of a man-lady."

Click through the gallery below for more of the best tweets from women, and check back next week for our new favorites.

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