Best Tweets: What Women Said On Twitter This Week

Perhaps it's just that time of the year, but women on Twitter seemed to have weddings on the brain this week. No, they weren't imagining beautiful ceremonies and fairy-tale dresses. Instead, we noticed several women sharing wry commentary on the customs and behaviors associated with these occasions.

Lauren Ashley Bishop joked about a certain single-ladies tradition: "[I] promise to come to your wedding if you promise to throw the bouquet as far away from me as humanly possibly." Danielle Fernandez remarked on a more modern habit: "Thank you for showing me your Facebook wedding album. Now if you have time, here is a slideshow of my top 36 scores in Mario Kart." And Eliza Skinner discussed a popular party favor: "I'm not super into weddings, but I AM super into mixed CDs with my friends' anniversaries printed on them."

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