Best Tweets: What Women Said On Twitter This Week

This week was full of celebration followed by contemplation -- perfect conditions for women to look within and share their feelings in 140 characters. For one, Katina Corrao highlighted an important injustice when she tweeted, "Fat Tuesday is proof that even the 'days of the week' bully each other #MardiGras #FatTuesday." Every day of the week is beautiful just the way it is.* (*Except for Monday.)

Following Fat Tuesday came a more somber Ash Wednesday, and many women took to Twitter to share the vice's they plan to give up for Lent. Quinn Katherman's promise makes a lot of sense: "I gave up trying to kill you for lent. Enjoy your life for the next 38 days." While Quinn was attempting to be selfless, Amaya Perea gave the IRS fair warning of her intentions when she tweeted, "Look I know the timing's not great but I'm giving up taxes for lent." Religious freedom, right?

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