Best Tweets: What Women Said On Twitter This Week

The women of Twitter were doling out love advice left and right this week. And what's love without a little bit of danger? Twitter user Moe tweeted: "Put a tiny bomb in his phone/when he says/'this bitch won't stop blowing up my phone'/the bomb will detonate/problem solved." Please, don't try this at home ladies.

Although some do resort to danger, others are simply a bit discouraged with certain realizations about their love lives. Erin Whitehead came to such realization this week when she tweeted, "All the men who seem worthy of my love are fictional and written by women." We'd take Emily Brontë over a man any day.

Deciding what you value in a partner can be tough, but Twitter user Callie really sounds like she knows what she wants in a person: "I love you... But not give you my last piece of bacon love you. **Me to pretty much everyone." Priorities, people. Priorities.

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