Best Tweets: What Women Said On Twitter This Week

One of the best Twitter conversations this week was started by our esteemed colleagues at HuffPost Celebrity, who created the clever #BeyoncePickupLines. Melissa M had the entire HuffPost Lady Corner laughing when she tweeted: "Hey girl, you on Tinder? Because I'd never swipe you to the left, to the left. #BeyoncePickupLines." Bey + witty humor = perfection.

#BeyoncePickupLines must have sent Twitter into a Queen B craze because there were multiple funny ladies talking about Yoncé all week. Rebecca Shapiro couldn't seem to shake Beyoncé, even when texting: "Just tried to type 'beyond' and automatically typed 'beyonce' so that’s where I’m at on this Thursday afternoon." Damn autocorrect.

In other news, we were so excited to get some clues about "Pitch Perfect 2" from Anna Kendrick who tweeted, "Good news from the set of Pitch Perfect. Beca still mostly wears long pants and boots, so I basically never have to shave my legs. Or feet." We are SO excited!

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