Best Tweets: What Women Said On Twitter This Week

The Funniest Tweets From Women This Week

The holiday season is officially here. Mary Charlene is definitely in the Christmas spirit, tweeting: "My ugly Christmas sweater perfectly matches my ugly personality." Oh.. adorable.

Twitter user Tammy is celebrating a bit differently this year, tweeting, "Tequila has never made my clothes fall off. // Challenge accepted." Sounds like a great way to ditch that ugly sweater.

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"I had to wonder.. are our girlfriends our real soul mates, and males are just biological accidents?" - me if I was a popular dating blogger

— Callie Beusman (@cal_beu) December 16, 2014

Always hated Merry-Go-Rounds.

I can go nowhere in my own life.
And not get nauseous doing it.

— Ginger (@GingerJ17) December 16, 2014

"whale" is the weakest insult ever. oh, i have a giant brain and rule the sea with my majesty? what have you accomplished lately, steve?

— Lindy West (@thelindywest) December 19, 2014

Imagine me, sexting you.
More sitting on the toilet.

— NickyNackyNoo (@BritishNicx) October 10, 2014

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