7 Twitter Accounts That Will Make Your Next Trip A Zillion Times Easier

Guidebooks are so last century... and looking up from your iPhone was never in style to begin with.

Before your next trip, add seven types of accounts to your Twitter feed for a more seamless travel experience (and maybe a seat at the no-reservations steakhouse).

The tourism board
Skim their posts to get a general lay of the land in your destination, learn what's on tap for the weekend, and maybe even score some local freebies.

Your airline
They'll post about cancellations and re-routes, and they can even tweet you out of a pickle.

Your airport
...to cross-reference any delays you find on your airline's feed.

Public transport
Follow the local subway or bus you'll be using for real-time service updates.

The restaurant you've got your eye on
Lots of them post deliciously graphic pictures of their specials. And if all attempts at snagging a reservation fail, it never hurts to ask via tweet.

The local "free things" page
Because "free" is a tourist's favorite word.

Most weather accounts tweet the temperature, like, every 30 minutes, so you'll get more accurate forecasts than you would on your weather app.

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