These Are The Best Universities For Electronic Music

These Are The Best Universities For Electronic Music

Each year, we're bombarded with rankings of schools that are all about the books. But this year, thanks to the folks at Thump, Vice's online video channel devoted to electronic music and culture, we now have a ranking of schools that are all about that bass.

That's right, there's a list of the best universities for electronic music.

The list included schools from across the United States, as well as two Canadian universities. In compiling its ranking list, Thump examined factors like local club life, regional festival access, electronic production choices at the schools of music, on-campus activities and dance music-specific course offerings.

The overall winner, the University of Southern California, combines books and beat-making in its Thornton School of Music course on electronic dance music. “We are constantly reevaluating our classes to keep up with the times,” Thornton's dean, Robert Cutietta, told campus paper the Daily Trojan when the course was announced in 2013. “I am very excited to be part of a music school that is so nimble and quick to adapt to the times and reinvent itself in response to changes in our art form.”

For a full explanation of the ranking system -- and more information on each school's electronic music culture -- take a look at Thump's breakdown, here. The highest-ranked schools are listed below.

10. Penn State University (tie)
State College, Pennsylvania
10. Brown University (tie)
DenisTangneyJr via Getty Images
Providence, Rhode Island
9. Clemson University
Denis Jr. Tangney via Getty Images
Clemson, South Carolina
8. University of Michigan
William Andrew via Getty Images
Ann Arbor, Michigan
7. University of Toronto
Susan Holland via Getty Images
Toronto, Ontario
6. University of Texas at Austin
nkbimages via Getty Images
Austin, Texas
4. University of Miami (tie)
SandiMako via Getty Images
Coral Gables, Florida
4. McGill University (tie)
Loic Lagarde via Getty Images
Montreal, Quebec
3. New York University
Veronica Garbutt via Getty Images
New York, New York
2. San Diego State University
Kent Horner via Getty Images
San Diego, California
1. University of Southern California
Jupiterimages via Getty Images
Los Angeles, California
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20. College of Charleston
19. Miami University of Ohio
18. University of Vermont
DenisTangneyJr/Getty Images
17. DePauw University
16. Ohio University
The Huffington Post
15. Florida State University
Streeter Lecka via Getty Images
14. University of Florida
AP Photo/Michael Conroy
13. Penn State University
Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images
12. University of Mississippi
11. Lehigh University
Lehigh Valley, PA/Flickr
10. Colgate University

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9. Tulane University
Skip Bolen via Getty Images
8. University of Georgia
Collegiate Images via Getty Images
7. West Virginia University
6. University of California-Santa Barbara
Wikimedia Commons: Beachboy90
5. Syracuse University
4. Bucknell University
3. University of Wisconsin - Madison
Getty Images
2. University of Iowa
Facebook: University of Iowa Confessions
1. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
eyfoto via Getty Images

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

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