The Best Local Coffee Shops In America

You love it. You need it. And you can't deny that coffee is king.

So when you take a lovely long weekend to one of the many great cities in the U.S., you want (nay, need) to know the very best spots to get your fix.

Thanks to coffee company Krups, which released its 5th annual Best Brew Awards, the best coffee shops you haven't yet been to are well within your grasp. The company polled its Facebook fans and surfaced some favorite local spots in 13 U.S. cities. The list will take you to Joe's East in Atlanta, Jane's in San Francisco and so many more.

Rest assured the local shops that made the list were voted as some of the best spots in the country by people who take their coffee as seriously as you do.

Joe's East -- Atlanta, GA
Joe's East
Joe's East is a friendly coffee shop with a certain lived-in quality in the heart of East Atlanta Village.
Blue State Coffee -- Boston, MA
Blue State Coffee
Blue State Coffee carries on the tradition of being founded on ideals, not just for profit; for them, coffee is associated with American values like equality, optimism, and the dignity of every individual.
Wormhole Coffee -- Chicago, IL
Wormhole Coffee
The Wormhole is an '80s-themed rustic coffee shop, complete with a DeLorean, pouring locally roasted coffee.
Dallas, TX -- White Rock Coffee:
White Rock Coffee
Taking home the title for Dallas four years in a row, White Rock Coffee is a locally-owned coffee shop specializing in hand-crafted, small batch, micro-roast coffee, freshly roasted on the premises.
Black Eye Coffee -- Denver, CO
Black Eye Coffee
Black Eye Coffee is a place to slow down and enjoy the craftsmanship of beautiful coffee in a beautiful environment.
De Cafe Baristas -- Los Angeles, CA
De Cafe Baristas
Named the winning shop in Los Angeles two years in a row, Seattle's Herkimer, Coffee and San Francisco's Four Barrel Coffee Roasters often are the beans of choice here, with drinks made by friendly and earnest baristas.
Cafe Demetrio -- Miami, FL
Cafe Demetrio
Cafe Demetrio offers the coffee lover a pinnacle of class, taste, and returns to the original concept of the coffee house that once flourished in 18th Century European cafes.
Culture Espresso -- New York, NY
Culture Espresso
Culture Espresso pride themselves in bringing the best coffee they can to the heart of New York City, also offering a daily assortment of fresh baked goods.
Old City Coffee -- Philadelphia, PA
Old City Café
Open for more than 25 years, Old City Cafe has been chosen as the winner two years in a row and is a one hundred per cent Philadelphia-metro operated business with dedicated, knowledgeable staff to help choose varieties, roasts, and brewing techniques.
Water Avenue Coffee Company -- Portland, OR
Water Avenue Coffee Company
Taking the title two years in a row, Water Avenue Coffee Company brings together great coffees and great people and stands out for its incredible products and unsurpassed customer service, even in a city where great coffee is often just around the corner.
Jane -- San Francisco, CA
Chef Amanda Michael opened Jane (named after her daughter) in hopes of creating a “third space” in the neighborhood offering well-crafted coffee, excellent housemade pastries, organic salads and soups, and tasty sandwiches and has now been chosen as the top-pick in the area for two consecutive years.
Cherry Street Coffee House -- Seattle, WA
Cherry Street Coffee House
In a city known for exceptional coffee, Cherry Street sets itself apart by cultivating relationships and deep connections with the community to bring great energy into the coffeehouse and has been named the top shop by voters two years in a row.
Ebenezers Coffee -- Washington, D.C.
Ebenezers Coffee
Ebenezers, taking the titled two years in a row, serves ‘coffee with a cause’ on Capitol Hill, owned and operated by National Community Church and all profits go toward community outreach projects.
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