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The Best Vanilla Ice Cream In The Supermarket May Surprise You

As you head into the holiday weekend, you're going to want to make sure you're stocked up on the essentials: Beer, obviously. Plenty of hot dogs. Burgers and fixin's. Produce for some killer summer salads. And of course: Ice cream. You're going to need a lot of ice cream.

If you're buying vanilla ice cream from the supermarket this weekend -- or any time for that matter -- you no longer need to worry if you're buying the best one. The folks at America's Test Kitchen have done us all a favor and conducted a taste test on supermarket vanilla ice cream, because they're awesome like that.

The test included Ben & Jerry's Vanilla, Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla, Breyers Natural Vanilla, Edy’s Grand Vanilla, Friendly’s Vanilla, Häagen-Dazs Vanilla, Turkey Hill Vanilla Bean and Wells Blue Bunny All Natural Vanilla.

The team evaluated characteristics including the amount of air in the ice cream, which they determined by weighing scoops, and the amount of stabilizers, which they determined by the length of time it took for a scoop to melt. And the biggest factor for determining a good quality ice cream was vanilla extract. If you see vanilla extract on the ingredients list, you know you're getting a good product. Anything else, well, check out the taste test ranking.

The winner may surprise you, but the loser may surprise you even more.

For the full results of the taste test, head over to America's Test Kitchen, and make all the right moves this holiday weekend.

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