The 10 Best Vines Of 2014

From the school playground to space, here's who we crowned the champions of this year in Vine.

It's been two years since Vine, the six-second video-sharing app, launched. Since then, it's attracted thousands of users and created some infamous celebrities.

This year, Vine launched its loop-counting feature to see how many times a video has been viewed, but just because something's been watched a lot doesn't mean it's the best.

Here's who we crowned the champions of 2014 in Vine.

The Realest

Cody Johns revealed the modern car ride.

Most Surprising

The First Lady remixed "Turn Down For What?"

The Derpiest

Marnie The Dog made her Vine debut.

Most Clever

Allie Hundley reimagined Tinder.

Best Branded

Some strong contenders but Pepsi's "Transformers" ad tops it.

The Scariest

From Vine's King of Horror Matt Swinksy

The Geekiest

Lance Stewart showed what can happen when we get a little too into video games.

The Coolest

Reid Wiseman sent Vines from the International Space Station.

The Strangest

This cat was apparently very hungry.

Most Shareable

Because we all know we've had days like this.
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