Perpetually Cold People Reveal Their Favorite Warm Socks

Pick up a pair or two to keep your tootsies toasty all winter long.
Naadam cashmere socks, R.E.I. Co-Op wool socks and a pair of SmartWool socks.
Naadam, R.E.I., Amazon
Naadam cashmere socks, R.E.I. Co-Op wool socks and a pair of SmartWool socks.

Now that temperatures are dropping in earnest, those of us who are perpetually cold are starting to suffer. Despite my best efforts, I can’t ever manage to keep my extremities warm, leading to crankiness, panic and overall despair. No amount of faux fur blankets and cozy sweaters ever seems to be enough, but the right pair of socks can make a big difference in my comfort levels.

This humble item of clothing does some serious heavy lifting during the frigid months, and finding the right pair can make or break my comfort level. And who better to speak on such a topic than people who are are always cold? Below, I’ve rounded up the best warm sock suggestions from individuals with expertise in frosty limbs. Take a look for yourself and pick up a pair or two to keep your tootsies toasty all winter long.

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Naadam The Essential cashmere socks
Once you go cashmere, there's no going back. While these are admittedly a splurge, there's nothing quite like slipping on cloud-like ultra-soft cashmere socks on a cold, dreary day. I love to wear mine while lounging around the house or when I want to add a bit of subtle texture to my outfits. And when I'm not wearing compression socks on long-haul flights, they're my go-to for travel days. You can get these in seven different colors.
Darn Tough Hiker micro crew cushion socks
HuffPost senior editor Jillian Capewell loves Darn Tough hiker socks. They're made with shrink-treated merino wool that helps to make them long-lasting and durable while also making sure they're as comfortable and warm as possible. They're perfect for hikes and other outdoor activities or cozy on days spent lounging on the couch. They're available in a variety of sizes and colors.
Carhartt heavyweight synthetic wool blend boot sock
"A couple years ago I wanted a boot sock that was just sliiiightly more refined than typical wool hiking socks, but still warm enough for snowy conditions and tough enough to last forever. On a whim, I bought these heavyweight wool-blend boot socks from the workwear brand Carhartt, and immediately knew these socks meant business. They are both tough and warm, naturally odor-resistant, and the perfect thickness for many of winter boots. I was impressed with how warm they kept my feet, and how they come out of the washing machine looking like new every time. They are reinforced with abrasion-resistant yarn and have plenty of cushioning for added comfort and blister protection, too." — Janie Campbell, HuffPost senior editor
Amazon Essentials casual crew socks six-pack
"As someone who consistently runs cold, I’ve been on the hunt for the best socks FOR YEARS. My ultimate advice might be contrary to what you’d expect though. Thick, wool socks often make me so hot that my feet perspire, which in turn, makes me colder and crankier than I was beforehand. So my recommendation is this: Wear mostly cotton socks with well-made leather and/or waterproof boots. It’s just as much about finding the best boots as the sock, in my opinion. Keep it simple." — Kate Easton, actor
REI Co-Op merino wool hiking quarter socks
My eternally cold friend, art therapist Ingrid Mellor, swears by these hiking socks from R.E.I. She has Reynaud's disease, which can cause her extremities like fingers and toes to feel numb and cold in response to certain situations, making warm socks absolutely imperative. These cushy socks are breathable and moisture-wicking and can keep your toes nice and toasty no matter how cold it is outside.
A pair of super soft fleece-lined slipper socks with grippers
"When I want juuuust a bit more traction than regular socks while hanging around inside, I often turn to these thick and cozy fleece-lined socks with little grippy silicone gel dots on the soles. Not quite a slipper but more than a sock, they both keep my feet warm and keep me from sliding on the tile in my apartment. I loaned my first pair to a friend and never saw them again, which tells you how comfy they are." — Campbell
SmartWool classic hike crew socks
There's a general consensus among those polled that SmartWool is an absolute must during the cold months. Mellor, HuffPost head of visuals Christy Havranek and HuffPost breaking news reporter Ryan Grenoble all recommended SmartWool socks. They're fully cushioned for maximum comfort, while the innovative wool fabric keeps feel cozy and warm without getting too sweaty.
J.Crew cashmere-blend trouser socks
When I want to enjoy a cashmere feel that's a bit more lightweight than the Naadam socks listed above, I go for these adorable trouser socks from J.Crew. I stock up every season, and not only are they perfectly warm and cozy, but they also look stylish. You can get them in a bunch of different colors and really make a statement.
Wigwam merino comfort hiker socks
Lili Petersen, news editor at HuffPost, loves her Wigwam socks. Made with a delicious merino wool blend that provides cushion without feeling bulky, they are odor-resistant and naturally moisture-wicking. They're available in several different colors and sizes.

Alvada merino wool hiking socks
"Merino wool is naturally odor-resistant, temperature-regulating and sweat-wicking, but it can be really pricey. I love these unisex merino wool hiking socks from Amazon, because you get three pairs for less than the price of one from a fancy name brand! I bought a pack last year and was really impressed by their thickness and quality, and how they kept my feet super warm and cozy in snowy rural Michigan (their 4.5-star rating suggests a lot of people agree with me). They've also got a cushioned footbed and reinforced heel and toe areas; I've been wearing these year-round in the house ever since and they are holding up beautifully and are still toasty warm." – Campbell

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