The Best Waterproof Hiking Boots To Keep Your Feet Dry

Whether you’re hiking through puddles or trekking slippery slopes, reviewers say these hardy shoes hold up.
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September is the time to throw on your favorite windbreaker and take part in fun outdoor activities like camping and hiking. But if you’re planning on spending time outdoors trekking through various terrains and inclement weather, you’re going to need shoes that can stand up to the mission.

That’s where a pair of waterproof hiking boots comes in handy. Not only do hiking shoes offer durability and comfort, but waterproof hiking boots will also keep your feet dry and protected in wet environments. From Timberland’s waterproof leather boot to Salomon’s shoe made with Gore-Tex, a special water- and wind-proof fabric, there are multiple waterproof footwear options for your next hiking trip. Plus, if you want to explore switchbacks in style, they even come in numerous color options and aren’t super bulky.

Below, we rounded up 5 waterproof hiking boots that reviewers swear by for water-logged adventures.

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Columbia Newton Ridge Plus waterproof hiking shoe
This shoe is made of waterproof leather and suede to keep your feet dry, and the outsole has the traction and grip you need to keep you stable while hiking. The women's version of this waterproof boot comes in sizes 5-12, with wide options available, and the men's version comes in sizes 7-16, with a variety of colors to choose from for both.

Glowing review: "Comfortable and definitely water resistant! I’ve worn these on a few hikes that involved walking through creeks and along shoreline and had water up to my ankle but these stayed dry and the color is still perfect. No blisters, which I normally get from new shoes. These are like walking on clouds. They are sturdy for your ankles on rocks and have good grip - not immune to slippery rocks but much better than sneakers. So glad I got them and can’t wait for more family hikes." — KrisSquared
Merrell Moab 2 mid waterproof hiking boot
This boot has a waterproof membrane that keeps water out, while the bellows tongue keeps dirt and rocks from getting inside. You're sure to walk and hike in comfort thanks to the removable contoured insole that has a reinforced heel cushioning. The women's shoe comes in sizes 5-15 with wide options available and the men's shoe comes in 7-15 with wide options available.

Glowing review: "I was able to wear these shoes for about a week before they were put to the water proof test. We had a major thaw that required me to shovel a path of snow for the water to drain away from the house. Multiple times I stepped in water that would completely cover the shoe or go over my ankle. Once completed, my feet were still dry and comfortable. Very impressed!" — Steve
Timberland White Ledge Mid waterproof hiking boot
Built with shock-absorbing cushioning and an outsoles with traction necessary for hiking, this boot belongs in your footwear lineup for the fall. It's made with waterproof leather and it even has sealed seams to keep water out and your feet dry. The women's shoe comes in sizes 5-11 with wide options available and the men's shoe comes in sizes 7-15 with wide options available. Both shoes come in a variety of colors.

Glowing review: "These shoes were the absolute best purchase I made for my Iceland trip. With some wool socks on, they kept me so warm. My feet never felt cold. They kept me safe in all kinds of conditions. I went behind a waterfall and my feet stayed 100% dry! Most importantly, they were super comfortable. I walked quite a bit each day, and my feet never got tired. Great ankle support. I’ll be buying these as long as they’re available, but so far it looks like they’re built to last for a very long time. They still feel brand new after my trip :)" — V. Guzman
Salomon Outline Gore-Tex hiking boot
Gore-Tex is the key to this boot's waterproof feature. This special material offers waterproof protection, durability and breathability so your feet stay dry and comfortable. Women's sizes range from 5-12 and men's range from 7-14. Color options include black, navy, white and green.

Glowing review: "These boots surpassed my expectations. I had bought these boots for hiking/hunting in Montana this year. Typically the weather during elk season is 20°-60° F. However, these year, the beginning of the season got down to -10°. They are not as insulated as most “hunting” boots. I know these are technically hiking boots but I hate wearing heavy insulated boots. These boots not only kept my feet dry, but as long as I was hiking my feet never got cold. This year, I ended up In some of the most extreme terrain that I expected them to fall apart in. However, these boots not only stayed together but provided adequate grip in the light snow and Loose rocks and some of the steepest terrain in the Montana mountains. They are supportive and comfortable. I was incredibly impressed with the quality and comfort of these boots. Agile and durable. I love theses boots and can’t say enough positive things about them." — Greg A.
Adidas Terrex Free Hiker COLD.RDY shoe
Known for its athletic footwear, Adidas Terrex also offers a sock-like waterproof hiking boot made of Gore-Tex material. The shoe even has technology that keeps your feet warm when it's cold, while still promoting airflow and reducing moisture buildup. The women's shoe comes in sizes 5-11 and the men's shoe comes in 6-13.

Glowing review: "I bought these in the black and orange colour-way and have had 0 regrets. They look fab, great grip, they really support the foot with a built in sock as well and are 100% waterproof. I’ve gone on some really rough terrain with these and splashed around in the tide, been through mud, pouring rain and feet remain dry no matter what and I feel more sure-footed. They are comfy as well. Sizing I found to be a little on the generous side but for me that’s perfect as I like to wear insoles. Worth every penny" — JayJay101

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