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The Best Waterproof Mascaras For Summer

The mark of a great waterproof mascara is simple: it has to be waterproof. That means no running, no smudging and definitely no clumping.

The beauty product is essential during the hot-weather months. Whether you work up a sweat by walking from point A to point B, or you happen to get caught in an unexpected summer downpour, you'll want a product that will keep your lashes looking full throughout the day.

Try one of the eight waterproof mascaras below and worry less about runny eye makeup. Just make sure you have a great makeup remover on hand to take it all off! And remember -- you don't need to swipe on layer after layer to get the desired effect. Celebrity makeup artist Tia Dantzler believes two coats of waterproof mascara is all you'll need for "staying power."

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