This Trick Will Save You From Endless Hours Of Peeling Potatoes

A must-read for spud lovers.

Peeling potatoes can be dull and tough, especially if you're preparing a meal that requires a lot of them. Sure, there are certain methods that promise to save time -- like this power drill trick -- but they often seem to do more harm than good. But thanks to ultimate lifehacker Dave Hax, we just found a potato-peeling method that's sure to save tons of time in kitchen prep.

The trick is pretty simple, as Hax explains it in his video. Cut a horizontal line around each potato, making sure not to cut deeper than the skin.

After the potatoes are sliced, simply put them in a pan. Place the pan on a stove, fill it with boiling water and leave the potatoes to cook.

Once the potatoes are done cooking, pour the liquid out using a strainer to catch the potatoes. Have a second pan under the strainer to catch the hot water, which you'll need later. Put the potatoes back into the first pan.

Cool the potatoes by running cold water over them.

Then, just peel the skin off! THAT'S IT.

If you'd like to warm your potatoes up again, simply place them back into the pan full of hot water and put them on the stove. Bon appétit!

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