Simplifying Your Divorce

Divorces can be nasty or civil depending on what terms both parties left the union with. Some choose to cite irreconcilable differences to keep the procedure as brief as possible. Some decide to state the actual reason as to why the divorce proceedings are actually taking place. A divorce can get complicated fast. In order to simplify one's divorce, a few measures can be implemented to ensure both parties leave without causing any more damage.

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Prenuptial Agreement

A prenuptial agreement – or "pre nup" is a contract agreement signed before the marriage takes place. This is very useful for spouses who have a high net worth and are interested in protecting that worth. It ensures that any earnings during the marriage period are split as agreed to in the signed agreement thus eliminating instances of uncertainty.

Postnuptial Agreement

In the absence of having signed this contract before saying your wedding vows to each other, as a couple, you can sit down post-nuptials to create an agreement. This sets defined boundaries when it comes to the division of assets come the time divorce does actually take place.

Simplified Divorce

In some states, one can experience a relatively simplified divorce. This normally works for couples who have not been married for a long period of time, maybe have very few assets to split amongst them and have no children involved in the process. This consumes less time and also makes it less expensive for both parties involved in the divorce.

Sit Down And Agree

Talk to your spouse and agree on how the division of assets and debts should be done amicably. Reaching a compromise between the two of you is sometimes much easier and less stressful than involving a third party. Prepare a list, split the property evenly or as agreeable with each other. This agreement is sometimes based on the income brought in by both parties. Work on making the process headache free. If children are involved, agree on who will have primary custody of the kids and how much visitation time the other spouse gets to allow for adequate time spent with the children. Also be sure, where concerned, to include child support payments This decision is as well based on income.


Choose a neutral party to act as the mediator between the two parties who have filed for a divorce. This works best if the two of you cannot agree on anything and need someone to communicate your concerns on your behalf to the other party. Divorce mediation also comes in handy in cases where both spouses have to make some joint decisions regarding the children and probably their future. Some Chicago divorce mediators such as Split Simple may even combine legal services with divorce mediation.

Lawyer Up

Lawyers can give the required legal advice on what to do in the event of a divorce. Having one to aid with the proceedings is a good idea since they can prevent costly mistakes that could likely occur. Divorce attorneys will guide you the rest of the way if well experienced. Lawyers are also good when it comes to drafting divorce agreements on behalf of either or both parties, which the court can then approve.

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