Best Wedding Photos of 2013

Earlier this week, we asked our Facebook followers to take a look back at some of the amazing pictures we've featured as our Photo of the Day over the past year and cast their votes for 2013's Photo of the Year. Here, see the top 25 photos.
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Earlier this week, we asked our Facebook followers to take a look back at some of the amazing pictures we've featured as our Photo of the Day over the past year and cast their votes for 2013's Photo of the Year. Here, see the top 25 photos!

25. Because one photo of that first moment in your gown just isn’t enough:

Photo Credit: CINEMATICbyDavidM

24. Sunlight peeking through the trees adds such a magical element:


Photo Credit: Lightedpixels

23. Looking for a creative guest book idea? Set up a photo area, and provide a chalkboard and chalk for guests to leave you photographed messages:

22. Snap a photo of the bridesmaids showing how they met the bride:

Photo Credit: Katy Hall Photography

21. This beautiful bridal portrait is also a sweet and fun way to show off the ring:


Photo Credit: Leslee Mitchell / Dress by Heidi Elnora

20. We love the lighting in this incredible rainy wedding photo:

Photo Credit: Hoffer Photography

19. This might be the cutest ring photo we've ever seen:


18. Simply beautiful! We love the romance in this autumn wedding photo.

Photo Credit: Sanya Khomenko

17. This wedding photo in the rain is so stunning:


Photo Credit: Unplugged Photography

16. We love the relaxed romance of this sweet wedding photo:

Photo Credit: Elizabeth Messina

15. Display a meaningful quote above your ceremony aisle:

Photo Credit: Amanda Patrice

14. Pure romance! We love the lighting in this stunning photo:

Photo Credit: Janis Ratnieks

13. We love the pure bliss on this groom’s face upon seeing his bride for the first time on the big day:


12. This beautiful photo might just have you wishing for rain on your wedding day:


Photo Credit: Unplugged Photography

11. This bride's excitement makes us smile:

10. Who says your flower girls need to be under a certain age? These grandmas are having a blast:


Photo Credit: Genevieve Leiper

9. We love this beautiful shot through the church’s stained glass window:

Photo Credit: 4Eyes Photography

8. An incredible shot of an incredible dress:


Photo Credit: Rawsii Photography

7. We love the country-chic vibe in this beautiful photo:


Photo Credit: Gerhard Gross

6. We love this unique twist: The bride entered the ceremony by herself, then met her parents halfway down the aisle:

5. Adorable must-have photo with your maid of honor and best man:

4. Talk about a dramatic sendoff! We love this couple’s fiery exit:

3. We love this magical way to use sparklers in your wedding photos:

Photo Credit: Captivating Weddings

2. The sunlight adds such a lovely, serene feel to this sweet photo:

And 2013's Photo of the Year is...

1. Take advantage of the weather on your wedding day — whatever it may be!

Tell us: Which photo is your favorite?

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