Keep Your Houseplants Alive This Winter With These Must-Have Products

Colder temperatures, drier air and lack of light prevent your indoor plants from thriving, but these products can save them.
Winter can be a time of dormancy for your plants, but there are ways you can keep them thriving in the colder months.
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Winter can be a time of dormancy for your plants, but there are ways you can keep them thriving in the colder months.

Whether you’re a seasoned houseplant owner or a novice foliage collector who’s new to the indoor plant game, you’ve more than likely experienced that familiar pang of guilt from accidentally killing a houseplant. You did everything in your power to nurture its little plant life and jumped for joy at the sight of a new sprout peaking through the soil, but somehow it still wilted, turned brown and shriveled into a sad and unrecognizable stem.

You shouldn’t be too hard on yourself, however, when on those rare (or frequent) occasions your leafy green pal meets its unfortunate demise. This is especially true during the winter season, when temperatures and light levels decrease and the moisture gets sucked from the air. Tools like humidifiers, light systems and nutrient-dense potting soil can create more favorable surroundings to encourage growth and ward off harsh weather conditions.

Shop some of these green-thumb essentials to help provide the best kind of environment for your plant to not only survive this winter, but to thrive all season long.

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A heater that'll maintain the ideal temperature for your plants all winter long
Most indoor plants originate from tropical and subtropical environments, which means their optimal temperature for growth usually hovers between 72 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit. During the winter months, when the temperatures drop below this desired range, space heaters can help provide more localized and consistent warmth for your houseplants and reduce the chance of plant shock, a potentially lethal situation for your leafy companions.

The Atomi smart Wi-Fi heater oscillates to provide even heating temperatures and uses a digital touchscreen panel to constantly display the temperature so you know if it's reaching a level that is too high or too low for your plants. You can create heating schedules as well as monitor and control the heater from the app, even when you're not at home. You will also be notified if the heater has been knocked over and shut off thanks to the built-in safety technology.

Get it from Amazon for $89.99.
The perfect tool to give your plant that wintertime refresh
It's quite common that the combination of dry winter and influx of artificial heat can cause your plants to develop brown spots or crispy edges due to the lack of moisture, especially on plants with thinner leaves. Directly misting the leaves with water can help increase moisture levels without over-watering, leading to more green and lush foliage even on the most inhospitable winter days.

The rechargeable and automatic mister from Bloomscape delivers an even and continuous mist that you can use intermittently or for those days when the soil still feels too moist for watering.

Get it from Bloomscape for $45.
A germ-resistant humidifier, because humidity matters
Because indoor plants have typically been adapted from more tropical climates, they usually thrive at medium to high levels of humidity (40 to 50%) -- something that can decrease significantly to 20% or below in the colder months. The lower the relative humidity, the more water is lost from the leaf, especially in cases of newly purchased plants. Going to the effort of hand misting leaves can be virtually useless if the mist comes into contact with dry air, so increasing the humidity levels around your plants ensures that foliage receives the misting benefits and can also encourage plant growth.

Incorporating something like the Pure Guardian warm and cool mist humidifier can increase relative humidity safely, because the tank is treated specifically to resist the development of mold and mildew, a combination that can cause unwanted fungal or bacterial growth on your plants.

Get it from Amazon for $113.75.
Let there be light, even on gloomy winter days
If you ever paid attention in your high school science class, you'd know how important adequate light is for plant growth. In fact, depending on the kind of house plant you have, 16 hours of light is the optimal amount of exposure to carry out a plant's necessary functions. For the colder months, when the days are shorter and the sun's appearance is sporadic, utilizing an artificial light can really make or break your plant's survival.

These easy-to-maneuver LED full spectrum grow lights mimic the light of the sun and offer 10 different brightness settings to meet the ideal light level for your indoor plants. You can also schedule lighting sessions with the auto-memory timing function, which will turn the lamp on or off for you

Get it from Amazon for $40.95.
A way to know how your plant is really doing, even when it can't speak
Having a houseplant can sometimes feel like having a really small child that hasn't learned to talk yet. Much like an infant that won't stop crying, you are forced to use parental intuition, process of elimination and just plain guesswork to try and find why your Golden pothos just isn't so golden any more. This handy dandy soil meter can help you measure some of the most vital living conditions for your plant, without needing to speak their language.

The 3-in-1 soil moisture meter can tell you the pH, moisture and light levels of your plant accurately enough to adjust their care accordingly. This can be even more important during the winter, when growing conditions can fluctuate often.

Get it from The Sill for $12.
A fool-proof way to water your plants all year round
Overwatering -- that is, watering too often so that the soil stays too wet -- can cause your plant to reach its untimely demise faster than you can say, "I think I just murdered another Monstera deliciosa." This is especially the case during the colder months, when roots absorb less water so moisture tends to sit in the soil, causing a host of problems.

This self-watering planter from West Elm comes in four different colors and sizes and is made from durable cast stone, perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. You just fill the attached saucer basin with water, and the root system of your plant will absorb only what it needs so you can have a guilt-free conscience.

Get it from West Elm for $55.
A cleaning solution that'll protect your plants
As crazy as it sounds, plants have pores, just like we do. They're called stomata, and, like human pores, they can get clogged too, causing interrupted daily functions such as breathing and light absorption. Washing your plants, especially during the winter when homes are typically closed off and dusty, can help them maximum the movement of nutrients. Plus, dust is notorious for attracting insects and mites, which can cause major pest problems for your plants later on down the road.

Arber's bio insecticide solution from The Sill uses 20 different good bacteria to provide organic and safe protections from even the most stubborn of pests.

Get it from The Sill for $24.
The perfect soil for happy, healthy winter roots
Think of soil as a kind of home for your plants.The Sill's indoor potting mix uses a healthy combination of organic compost, pine bark, coir and perlite to help your plants retain the correct amount of moisture and to ensure aeration, which can be really important during the winter when growth is at its lowest and less water is absorbed, making your plant more susceptible to that dreaded root rot. Over time, your plant's soil can become too compact, preventing adequate drainage. For this reason it can be a good idea to replace your soil right before the throes of winter are in full force and your plant children begin to the feel the effects.

Get it from The Sill for $20.

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