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Take Back Laundry Day With Amazon's Best-Selling Laundry Hack

Dry your clothes faster and soften them naturally -- no dryer sheets or fabric softener needed.

Aside from complaining about your overflowing hamper and how much you hate doing it, laundry is rarely a topic of conversation. So, why the heck do dryer balls keep coming up during brunch and water-cooler conversations?

For those who don’t know, a dryer ball is a ball of wool that shortens the amount of time it takes to dry your clothes, and it’s a sustainable alternative to dryer sheets and fabric softener. Basically, they’re little magic balls that make everything about laundry day better.

Amazon’s best-selling wool dryer balls have over 16,400 reviews and a 4.5-star rating on Amazon, where a six pack sells for only $17. They’re made with 100% New Zealand wool to ensure that your clothing and linens dry evenly, quickly and without balling up or getting static cling.

Wool balls work by improving the airflow in your dryer to shorten drying times and save energy — and that’s great for the environment and your utility bill. You can toss three to six balls in your dryer at a time depending on how big your laundry load is, and each one can be used over 1,000 times.

These balls can also be used to soften your laundry naturally without chemicals or synthetics, so they’re a great choice if you have sensitive skin or a baby. Just use dryer balls instead of a dryer sheet or liquid fabric softener to cut down on static cling.

Pro tip: If you’re missing that fresh laundry smell, add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to the dryer ball to give your clothes and linens a natural, fresh scent. You’ll thank us later.

Will a dyer ball magically do your laundry for you? No, but wool dryer balls will give you back some time on laundry day and cut down on energy waste. They’ll save you money on utilities, dryer sheets and fabric softener, and will leave your clothes and linens fluffed and naturally fresh-smelling.

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