If Years Of Working From Home Have Finally Convinced You To Upgrade Your Office, These 34 Products Are For You

Because remote work is the best work, but it's probably about time you get off the couch.
A chic filing cabinet from Wayfair, a memory foam under-desk foot rest and a charging station with six USB charging ports from Amazon.

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An encouraging daily planner if you're someone who thrives with a to-do list
The pad has space for appointments and work priorities, plus water intake, meal planning and fitness goals, so you can use it to organize all aspects of your day.

Each planner comes with 50 tear-off sheets the size of a standard piece of paper. It's available in 10 styles.

Promising review: "These daily planning sheets keep this mama on TRACK! I started out printing daily planning and schedule sheets from a free download on my computer. Then I realized why not just buy some already printed so I save my ink at home. I found these and love how the day, schedule, tasks, and health habits are organized. I've already reordered once and will continue to use these." — Shannon Hoglund
An adjustable standing desk with a motor that allows you to transition from sitting to standing
You can adjust the height from 28 inches-47.6 inches depending on whether you're sitting or standing. Each desk is equipped with an industrial-grade steel frame and a solid wood desktop with a weight capacity of 154 pounds. It's available in five sizes and 10 colors.

Promising review: "The sit-to-stand option is amazing, and I'm so happy with my desk. I lead video conferences all day, so the option to sit or stand has made working a breeze. No more back/neck soreness or feeling 'blah' after a long day of sitting. I got the slightly larger size and am glad that I did. It gives me space for double monitors, keyboard, and any papers I need to have in front of me. Overall, I'm a satisfied customer and recommend this desk to anyone who wants to make the switch to standing desks on a budget!" — Sasha K.
Or, if you already have a perfectly good desk, a sit-to-stand converter you can plop on your existing setup
A pneumatic lift assist feature means there's no manual adjustments necessary. It's available in six sizes and six colors.

Here's what BuzzFeeder Courtney Lynch has to say:

"About a year into working remotely due to the pandemic, I finally decided it was time to invest in a standing desk for my home office. I already had a desk I wasn't ready to part with, so I bought this sit-to-stand desk converter. Let me tell you, this has changed my WFH experience for the better. The desktop area is large enough for my laptop, external monitor, Bluetooth speaker and a few other items. The desktop can hold up to 33 pounds, and the keyboard tray can support up to 4 pounds. The pneumatic lift assist feature lets you adjust the height between 4.5-20 inches in one smooth motion that won't strain your back."

Promising review: "This has made life SO MUCH BETTER!!! I hate sitting down all day, hunched and reaching for my keyboard and mouse. While I'm sitting down, this helps correct poor posture. When I need to stand/move a bit, I can lift it up and work standing! This is a great invention and is very sturdy." — Andrew Drozdowski
Or a more portable laptop riser
The easily adjustable stand can be used sitting or standing and is suitable for all sorts of tech from 10-inch tablets to 17-inch laptops. It's available in three metal finishes.

Promising review: "I was literally shocked at the solid construction of this stand right out of the box. Most things nowadays are not crafted with love and are made very cheaply. Wow. This product is worth every dollar. Amazing craftsmanship. Looks great too! Very strong and sturdy. If you're looking for a high-quality stand, you've found it. Buy it." — ARH
And an anti-fatigue mat to help reduce stress on your muscles and joints at your standing desk
It's available in four sizes and 15 colors.

Promising review:
"I bought the smallest size, and I love it. My back doesn’t hurt while I’m working standing up, and my feet and ankles feel good too. I’m thinking about purchasing a bigger one for the kitchen." — Queen T
A TikTok-viral padded office chair with a seat that's wide enough for you to sit crisscross applesauce
It also has an adjustable height and an ergonomic back. Check it out on TikTok here.

Promising reviews: "Buy this chair. I’ve bought so many office chairs over the years. The classic Goldilocks story: This one’s too bulky, this one’s too flimsy, that one has too much hard plastic, yada yada. I think this one might be it. Really comfortable, solid build, attractive, but the best feature is the wide seat. I can crisscross my legs easily to relieve the pressure in my hips, which is life-changing if you’re chained to your desk sitting in meetings all day." — Larissa Harrison
Or a flower-shaped armchair that won't put too much strain on your wallet or your back
It's available in seven colors.

Promising review
: "I bought this chair to go with my desk and I love it! It’s easy to assemble and so soft and comfortable! It’s the perfect height for me!" — Jessica Silva
An angled dry-erase desktop whiteboard where you can jot down notes or play a game of M.A.S.H.
It's available in five styles.

Promising review:
"Never thought something analog would be SO useful in my daily routine. I work from home and am constantly project managing multiple complex strategic projects. Having pertinent information directly in front of me and top of mind has done incredible things for my productivity. Never would have imagined it would make such a difference. For a nominal investment, I highly recommend it if you have trouble keeping up with things." — Captainflapjax
A charging station with six USB charging ports if you're sick of having to use six different cords and a power strip
This dock comes with six cords for Apple devices, but is still compatible with other charger types. If you have Android devices, pick up a set of short USB-C cords. You can charge phones, tablets, smart watches and even a Nintendo Switch in this thing.

Promising review: "This is my second one. I used the first one for about 5 years before it died. I immediately ordered another one from Amazon. I have a MacBook, iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch. I can change all of them at the same time. I absolutely love this product. Oh, and I also have a Kindle tablet and it plugs in too." — Terry
A 24-inch monitor if you're sick of working exclusively from your laptop and could use a second screen
It features a 75Hz refresh rate with 1080p resolution, making it suitable for casual gaming too. It has two HDMI ports — be sure to pick up a USB-C hub if you're planning to connect a MacBook (I've used this one for years and like it!).

Promising reviews: "If you work from home, you must have this in your life! Super easy to set up, great packaging, great quality, great price. I absolutely LOVE this!" — RundownwithRachel

"Just set this monitor up, and so far it’s earned all 5 stars! It was easy to assemble, it’s compatible with my MacBook Pro (with a USB-C adapter), and the picture is great! I just wanted another monitor for when I work from home, so having something available that was affordable like this was perfect for what I needed." — Allison H.
A colorful, TiktTok-famous mechanical keyboard with a matching wireless mouse
Sure, you're still clacking away on a keyboard for eight hours a day, but now it's a bright and cheery one. It's available in 12 colors.

Promising review
: "Absolutely amazing keyboard. Colors are eye catching and make a drab office pop with color! I am currently the envy of the office. Ladies in the other departments are waiting on their own to come in now after seeing mine. Easy plug/play. It travels between home and office with me. Love the keys on this as well. Sleep mode seems to pop on kinda quick, but it's nothing bad. Just push a button or click mouse and its on again. I have had for about a month now and will not be going back to any other style! It was delivered fast, packaging was great." — Nikki Bell
A caterpillar cord organizer that will save you from having to crawl under your desk to retrieve a rogue charger
Promising review: "He is perfect and pure and good and has never done anything wrong in his whole life. Somehow at least like 53 times cuter in person??? Also does a great job holding all my cables because of course he does. 10/10 would buy this good good boy again." — Jennii
1801 & Co/Etsy
An acrylic dry-erase board if you've got a long list of to-dos
It's available in multiple thicknesses and sizes as well as three hardware colors.

1801 & Co. is a Minnesota-based, family-owned Etsy shop established in 2016 that specializes in family wall calendars, chore charts, wedding signs and more.

Promising review: "I love it! I got it so fast after ordering and it’s perfect. I love the sleek design for my small home office space. I can’t function at work without a dry-erase board but couldn’t find any that would look nice in my office space, which is in the corner of my master bedroom! Having functional office space but not LOOKING like an office in the bedroom is challenging but this acrylic board is PERFECT. The black pen that comes with it has very nice fine tip and erases without a trace." — Dawn Powell
A space-saving ladder desk that might just convince you to stop working from bed
Sure, it doesn't have the benefit of six pillows and a duvet, but your spine won't be bent like a cheese curl and you can actually show your background on Zoom. It's available in three finishes.

Promising review:
"I had this blank corner in my living room, and I just knew this ladder desk would be a gorgeous addition to the area. I don't have an extra room for an office or even the kind of space in our small home to designate to a bulky desk. It was very easy to assemble. It took maybe 25 minutes to put together. I love having my own spot to get my work done on my MacBook. Plus, this spot is perfect to work on any crafts/DIYs. I added a pouf seat instead of a chair just to save even more space since it easily slides underneath the desk. Anyway, I'm so stoked about this purchase! I highly recommend it." — Heather Nicholson
A nonslip mouse pad made to elevate your wrist and keep it in an ergonomic position while you click away
It's available in 16 patterns. Read more about how an ergonomic mouse can help prevent carpal tunnel at Cleveland Clinic.

Promising review: "The design is gorgeous and so comfy that I even take it when I travel for business. This has relieved wrist pain from working on the computer every day." — Bianka P Gonzalez G
A compact light therapy lamp if your office is seriously lacking in the natural light department
Promising review: "I work from home at night. I never see the light of day during the winter. This light has been a joy to have and gives great light at my desk to work with with the benefit of mimicking sun exposure. It’s very easy to use and to replace bulbs." — Amazon Customer
A memory foam seat cushion because sitting from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. is taking a serious toll on your tailbone
It's available in multiple colors. Read more about how ergonomic chair cushions can help at Cleveland Clinic.

Promising review: "On a long and uncomfortable flight to Hawaii I managed to mess up my back and tailbone really bad. I even paid to have a professional massage done because seating was impossibly painful. Nothing seemed to help. That’s how I ended up here, looking for some relief. This thing is magical, like sitting on the back of a unicorn while coming down a rainbow. I sat down on it and all the pressure points were not giving me any issues, was able to drive out of state the next day NO PROBLEM. Outstanding quality, doesn’t just squish down when you sit on it. BUY IT! The cover is also removable and washable." — Mrs.J
Or — if you want something a bit prettier — a faux-fur seat cushion
Promising review: "I use this little square in my Aeron-style office chair to make it more comfy and soft. I often wear shorts (it's OK, I work at home LOL) and like the soft texture vs. the chair material on my legs. I try to rotate the furry square and shake it out daily since it's getting a LOT of use. I'll probably have to replace it in a year, but for this price, I don't mind!!! A+++++" — LAE
An aesthetic desk mat to hide the scratches that have accumulated after years of using the same desk
Chelsea Stuart / BuzzFeed
Chelsea Stuart / BuzzFeed
It's available in five sizes.

Etsy shop Blush & Thorn has all types of mats so if this design isn't the one for you, give their others a look.

Promising review: "This is so cute! It covers my whole desk and I love it!" — missalderaan
A memory foam ergonomic foot rest with a teardrop design that keeps your feet and legs in a comfy position
If you switch things up and work between a desk and your couch or bed, you can also use it as a knee cushion or back rest.

It's available in three colors. Read more about how ergonomic foot supports can help at Cleveland Clinic.

Promising review: "I was using two yoga blocks to keep my feet elevated under my desk but they weren’t comfortable and kept sliding around. But this Everlasting Comfort Foot Rest is perfect! It’s soft but not too soft. It’s at the perfect angle. My feet are happy now, and it doesn’t slide away from me. You can also put it upside-down and use it to exercise your feet. Great for the ankles!" — Vicky A. Allen
A chic filing cabinet where you can stow away paperwork
Now you have an excuse to get a cute storage solution. It's available in six colors.

Promising review
: "So gorgeous! Solid and easy to assemble. It arrived quickly and was packaged well. The drawers pull out smoothly and there are two sizes for files. Really great quality product." — Rebecca
Or a hanging file organizer just big enough to store the stuff you actually use on a daily basis
It's available in various sizes and colors.

Promising review
: "I was waiting with bated breath for this to arrive so I could organize my work and clear up my cluttered desk so I could be more efficient. Well, I wasn't disappointed! Within minutes I had it up on the wall... the grommets are nice and solid and the material is thick and well-stitched, and a few more minutes later I had all my tasks organized and in different pockets where I can easily see them, organize them in the order I want to tackle them in, and grab them when needed. LOVE a great product like this! The only drawback is that it has a strong smell, but I'm sure that airing it out for a few days will kill the smell, and it will be well worth it!" — Amazon Customer
A USB-powered laptop cooling pad with three fans
It's available in three colors.

Promising review:
"This works extremely well. My laptop's fans used to scream to the point it would make you scream into your microphone just to talk to your friends on Discord. With this product that diminished, and I don’t have to worry about the fans kicking up that loud ever again...I fully recommend this product just as it was recommended to me by a friend with a similar laptop problem. I honestly don't ever see this product failing to support my demands." — Kaleb Urquhart
A convenient adjustable phone stand
It's also available in black.

Promising review
: "This is the type of item I would usually never need. However, once this pandemic happened, all of my work and socializing happened through Zoom and similar methods. I couldn’t really find a way to make my phone stand up securely, so I opted for this little stand. This is so perfect. It holds my iPhone X with its phone case (or without); I’m sure it would hold any other device of similar size. It also has a very useful hole to feed the charger through, so you can charge while it’s in use. The stand is sturdy and and adjustable. It’s very basic, but very useful." — Anna
A USB-powered LED light strip that may help reduce eye fatigue and prevent headaches
It's available for monitors up to 80 inches.

Promising review:
"I have procrastinated in writing this review and am actually happy to say that after a year, the product is continuing to stay strong. The adhesion is as strong as it was on day one, and this product is continuing to meet and exceed expectations. I have noticed significantly less eye strain. If I were needing computer monitor backlighting again, I wouldn't hesitate to repurchase." — college_engineer
A ventilated cable management box if the mess of cords under your desk makes it hard for you to concentrate
Promising review: "A must-buy product for your messy home or office. Exactly what I was looking for to help save space and hide my cable cords." — Andrew Olson
A surprisingly comfortable ergonomic kneeling chair to help keep your spine in alignment
It's available in three colors. Read more about how ergonomic chairs can help at Cleveland Clinic.

Promising review: "I'm a 225-pound solid dude; back was killing me. Got this chair. Took me a week or so to build up the muscles in my shins to get used to the new weight distribution; my pain is GONE. Love this chair; plan on getting a fancier one down the road, but I'm very happy with this." — AHR_Artist
An acrylic document organizer where you can store important paperwork and your latest CVS receipt
It's available in four sizes.

Promising review
: "Gorgeous acrylic set. Love the horizontal layout for my desk. Looks beautiful with my acrylic desk organizer. My desk looks clean and clear now. These are the best-priced acrylic paper organizers I’ve found and I am very impressed." — Hannah Wolf
A flexible power strip with a pivoting design so your ridiculously large MacBook charger doesn't block three outlets at once
It's available in four colors.

iJoy is a small business that sells a variety of tech accessories, speakers and headphones.

Promising reviews: "I saw this on TikTok, so I ordered one. I absolutely love it. Everyone needs one in their life." — Dani Jo Stengsar

"I rarely write a review (this is the second in the past few years). One of the best purchases in a long time. Nice design and very practical. It solves all of my problems as it can go any direction. It's worth every penny. I turned around and bought two more. I am about to buy my fourth one. Love this!" — Pond P.
A 360-degree rotating headphone holder
It's available in black and white.

Promising reviews:
"This is worth more than its cost. The mount actually comes with an extra sticky pad so if you choose to remove/move the mount to somewhere else, you can do at your own leisure. The quality of the material doesn't feel too cheap, and it's quite sturdy. We've bumped into it a couple of times, but it hasn't broken or anything. The mount is extremely versatile in its flexibility and possible mounting options. Best I've seen out of other compact options (that aren't gaming headphone stands that take desk space)." — Forest Nguyen

"I have a white desk and a light gray chair, and this headphone hanger matches the design perfectly. The quality and simple hinged design is brilliant. The adhesive is very strong, provided you clean the surface before applying and let it cure for 24 hours before hanging anything on it." — Henry Ting
A pretty silicone keyboard cover if you've spilled coffee on your computer more times than you'd like to admit
Plus, it keeps crumbs and dust out of your keys. It's available in 22 colors.

Promising review
: "I love this keyboard cover. It has a nice feeling, is very flexible, and it fits like a glove on my MacBook Air. It doesn't come off even when I'm moving my laptop around a lot (which I do, since I do a lot of work on the sofa or the bed where I end up in weird positions to be comfortable). I can feel each key individually when I hit them, which is really nice. I haven't seen any signs of wear or even fading in the six months I've had it. This is a very durable keyboard — I eat with my laptop all the time, and I've actually spilled coffee on my keyboard once, and nothing happened — it actually kind of kept the liquid there until I could clean it off." — Sadia Rahman
A miniature wastebasket perfect for ripped up Post-it Notes and crinkly Pop-Tart wrappers
The pink and white wastebasket can sit on top of your desk or be attached to the side with an included adhesive strip. It's available in two colors.
A desktop storage organizer with room for all of your desk essentials
It's available in four colors.

Promising review
: "AWESOME desktop organizer. The soft pink matches the pink in my desk area, and it's surprisingly a very flexible item. The pink area detaches from the organizer making it easier to move your pens around if needed, giving you flexibility in how you organize your items. You can also adjust the width of the inner dividers in case you have bigger items you'd like to store. Highly recommend this item. It's sturdy and won't break on you." — ruby
A desktop punching bag for shaking off your stress
It comes with both a clamp and an extra-strong suction cup so you can decide how to best attach it to your desk. It's available in three colors.

Promising review: "It's easy, works well, and I think my desk will fall apart before the punching bag does." — Leah C.

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