Beth Ditto Hits The Runway For Jean Paul Gaultier Spring/Summer 2011 (PHOTOS, POLL)

Jean Paul Gaultier showed his Joan Jett-inspired Spring/Summer 2011 collection in Paris on Saturday and outspoken songstress Beth Ditto took to the runway for the designer.

Ditto recently told reporter Fearne Cotton the she's not unhealthy and she's tired of proving herself all of the time. Ditto remarked to Cotton, "It's really interesting to me that people will look at a thin person and go, 'That's a healthy person'. I want to go, 'Come open my refrigerator and look and then let's talk about what you think is so bad'. To be thin and to stay really thin, sometimes...some people literally do coke all the time. Some people smoke cigarettes instead of eating. That's crazy. But that's 'okay' because you look healthier."

Check out images of Ditto on the runway and Gaultier's newest duds: