Online Writing Turned Book Deals: Three Teen Authors Who Got Their Big Break Online (PHOTOS)

Beth Reeks has not finished high school yet -- much less applied to college -- but she has managed to get a jump-start on her writing career in a big way.

Today News reports the now 17-year-old posted her teen romance novel on Wattpad -- a website for writers to upload their fiction -- and ended up landing a three-book deal with Random House. Reeks' story grabbed the attention of an editor at the publishing house after setting a record 40 million hits.

Reeks is not the only teen who has landed a significant book deal based on her online writing. There are other young adult authors who have taken similar paths to literary success by posting their work online, building a large following of readers, and then gaining the attention of major publishing houses.

Click through the slideshow below to read about Reeks and two other teen online fiction writers who snagged major book deals.

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Teens With Fan-Fiction Book Deals