Beth Shak Divorce: 4 Other Strange Objects Fought Over In Divorces

The New York Post reported Saturday that Beth Shak, a professional poker player, is being sued by her ex-husband for failing to report her 1,200-pair designer shoe collection in their divorce proceedings three years ago. Shak's ex, hedge-fund boss Daniel Shak, claims the shoes were hidden from him in a "secret room" during the marriage.

Now that he's aware of his ex's impressive stockpile, which he values at an estimated $1 million, he wants a 35 percent cut -- which he says he's entitled to in their divorce settlement.

This shoe war is certainly bizarre, but it's not the strangest thing we've seen spouses fight about during divorce. Click through the slideshow below for four of the weirdest objects that celebs have battled over after a split.

Celebrity Divorce Fights: Objects

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