Bethany Hamilton Is 6 Months Pregnant, Stoked And Still Surfing

Following Bethany Hamilton's adorable pregnancy announcement, the mom-to-be-is now sharing her excitement on Twitter and Instagram.

The 25-year-old shark attack survivor and champion surfer has tweeted about her thoughts on motherhood, including how she stays healthy, imagining what her little one is doing at the moment, and soliciting baby product advice from her followers.

This month especially, Hamilton has been poking a little fun at herself and her new role.

From the looks of her posts and newest photos, Hamilton is trying to get in as much surfing as possible before her June due date. "I've kept very active," she told "It's crazy, but I feel like I've done some of my best surfing prego!"

About five months into her pregnancy, Hamilton changed her workouts. She told FitBump360 that she slowed down her jogs on the beach, started using the spin bike at the gym and has replaced the chairs in her house with yoga balls.

Now, at 27 weeks, she is doing "low impact" high intensity tactical training (HITT) workouts, balance work and "lots of walking," according to her Instagram posts.

And, of course, more surfing.

We can't wait for the newest shredder to join the family!

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