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Bethany, Hope For Paws Rescue Dog, Makes Unbelievable Recovery (VIDEO)


Nothing can make our hearts soar -- or make us cry our eyes out -- quite like animals finally getting the love and care that they deserve.

We've written about Eldad Hagar, co-founder of Hope For Paws animal rescue, and his rescue videos, many times in the past. In this latest video, Hagar teamed up with Annie Hart of the Bill Foundation to rescue a sick, homeless dog named Bethany, whose story has put our hearts in a sling.

When the rescue team found her, Bethany was suffering from mange and several bacterial infections. Her feet were so badly infected she could barely walk. Hope For Paws documented her journey over the span of several weeks, and today, Bethany is healthy and available for adoption.

Hagar shared the video of her transformation on his Facebook page, and it's received thousands of likes and shares in just a day.

For more miracle stories from Hope For Paws, watch this video about a dog called Janie who recovered from a broken back.

Learn about Hope For Paws, and see other rescue stories at their website.

H/T: msnNOW

CORRECTION: A previous version of this article attributed Bethany's rescue to Hope For Paws, but her rescue was a joint effort by Hope For Paws and the Bill Foundation.

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