Bethenny Frankel Says Her New Short Haircut Proves 'The B Is Back'

Bethenny Frankel Doesn't Look Like This Anymore

"The B is back," but this time, it stands for bob.

"Real Housewives of New York" star Bethenny Frankel stepped out with a brand new hairstyle Wednesday. The 44-year-old posted a photo to her Instagram account of a much shorter 'do than we're used to seeing on her. She also lightened her locks to a reddish-brown color, captioning the photo "go shawty! #TheBIsBack."

The founder of Skinnygirl, who debuted the look at a cocktail viewing party for the brand, told The Huffington Post that being in a new place in her life is what pushed her to change it up. "I've wanted short hair for decades since I had it in high school but no hairdresser would do it for me. Finally I just said cut it off. I was so sick of hiding behind my hair. I felt dated and boring and wanted to do something that reflects where I am in my life. I'm coming out on the other side and I'm doing it my way. The B is back," she said.

Frankel, who returned to "Housewives" this season, has always had an edge to her. Now, she's got the hair to match.

What do you think of her new look? Sound off below!

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