Bethenny Frankel's Talk Show 'Bethenny' Premieres (VIDEO)

Bethenny Frankel's new talk show "Bethenny" (weekdays on Fox) premiered Monday, marking a new chapter in the reality star-turned Skinnygirl Cocktails entrepreneur's career in media. The inaugural episode featured Frankel sipping cocktails with Vanessa Williams, sitting on an audience member's lap and asking comedian D.L. Hughley why "the brothers like a big ass." But most daytime TV watchers around the country probably didn't have the chance to see it, as it's currently only airing in 6 cities after it failed to attract significant syndication interest.

Later in the day, Frankel stopped by "The Wendy Williams Show," and Williams gave her the cold, hard truth about making it as a talk show host: you only have about 6 weeks to impress the network. "Either you make it and it's good, or you don't make it, and you're still a multi-millionaire," Williams quipped.

"Oh, we're gonna make it," Frankel confidently replied.

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