BET's Let's Stay Together Star Bert Belasco

Let's Stay Together is BET's answer to Mad About You and is a hilarious new sitcom poised to bring in not only African American viewers but the mainstream audience as well. I had the opportunity to talk to the new star of Let's Stay Together, Bert Belasco about the much hyped new show.

For those who haven't seen it yet, what's Let's Stay Together about?
In this season, Let's Stay Together follows the engagement of Stacey and Charles including their ups and down on the way to the alter. As they go through these ups and downs, they rely on the support of their friends and family. Tasha (Stacy's sister) is married to Jamal (Charles' best friend.) We come to find out their marriage has their own ups and downs. Kita (Charles' sister) enjoys her "mancation" while putting her two cents of support in.

You play the character Charles, how are you and him similar and what is definitely different about the two of you?

How are we similar? I would have to say the way we look at relationships. Commitment is important to us both and we hold the people in our life very close to our hearts. We our similar in so many ways I could write all day about that. Differences? Well, Charles can fix anything around the house; he could build a house if he wanted. I'll just say I'm not quite Mr. Fix It.

Most sitcoms on TV are just canned laughter and not really funny. How is Let's Stay Together different?

I would say that we focus on being real, being true to the relationships and the story. That was our intent every day when we walked on that stage. Being true to the work is the only way to make to make the work, and when you do that it will show.

Queen Latifah is producing this. Is she pretty hands on? What's it like working with her?
The Queen is not hands on, in the traditional sense, but when you accomplish what she has, attaching her name and support means so much.

What is a typical work day like?

Fun! Plain and simple! The only thing typical about a work day was that you never new what ideas would come up as we were shooting. It's such a creative atmosphere and that really keeps you on your toes.

Bert, you worked with Betty White in a Superbowl commercial, what was that like?

Amazing, when you work with Betty you see why she is a legend. She didn't have to lie in mud, she didn't have to be out there joking with us between takes, she also didn't have to eat four Snickers bars between takes, but she did. I love her being all about the work, and because of that I love and respect her even more, as a person and an artist.

When and where can we watch the show?

It premieres Tuesday, January 11th, at 11PM(PST) on BET. Thereafter, it will air every Tuesday on BET at 10:30PM(PST). It will air directly after The Game.