Betsey Johnson's Hairstyles Require Her To Sit Still For 12 Hours

Betsey Johnson is just as well known for her bold designs as she is for her eccentric, blonde hair. In a conversation with HuffPost Live Tuesday, the designer revealed that the same hairstylist has been doing her hair for 23 years, and that her look takes 12 hours to complete.

Johnson told host Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani that she chose her stylist, Andrew, based on his talent with extensions. "He's the only one that can give me this hair," she said. "And I love him. He knows how long to keep me a certain way. He's a dear friend." Andrew is based in London, so either Johnson flies to London or he goes to her.

After more than two decades of working together, Johnson and her stylist have discovered a way to pass the time while she's in the salon chair.

"I only see him four times a year, but when I see him, it's for 12 hours a pop. We watch at least 5 movies -- it's easy because we just sit and watch videos and it's fun."

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Betsey Johnson's Style Evolution