Betsy Andreu, Lance Armstrong Whistleblower, On Oprah Interview: 'He's A Master Manipulator'

Betsy Andreu, the wife of Lance Armstrong's former teammate, joined HuffPost Live Friday to react to Armstrong's doping confession to Oprah in an interview airing Thursday night. In 2006, Andreu testified that she heard Armstrong admit to his cancer doctors a decade earlier that he had used EPO, growth hormone and steroids. After her testimony, Andreu became one of Armstrong's many targets, calling her a liar, crazy and a "bitch."

In one of the more bizarre portions of the interview, Oprah asked Armstrong about Andreu and whether she was lying in her testimony about his doping admission in 1996. Armstrong replied "I'm not going to take that on. I'm laying down on that one. I'm going to put that one down. She asked me, and I asked her not to talk about it." He told Oprah that when he called Andreu to apologize he told her "'listen, I called you crazy. I called you a bitch. I called you all these things, but I never called you fat'."

Andreu told host Ahmed Shihab-Eldin that she didn't believe that Armstrong was being 100% truthful in his answers to Oprah. "Lance is a master manipulator of the media," Andreu told Ahmed, "and that's why all these years, he's gotten away with it. Look at how many people are now saying, 'Oh my gosh. I had no idea he was the cheat. I had no idea he was such a bully. I had no idea he was so mean.'"

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