Trevor Noah Eviscerates Betsy DeVos Over Her Confirmation Hearing

Noah says DeVos as education secretary is like putting an Amish man in charge of NASA.

Trevor Noah thinks Betsy DeVos’ terrible performance during her confirmation hearing is a sad representation of America’s education system.

“She’s going to get confirmed even though she failed everything. Every subject she got at the hearing. Failed. Failed. Failed. Failed ― except Donations 101,” he said on Wednesday’s “The Daily Show.”

Noah went on to say that having her as secretary of education would be like having an Amish guy as head of NASA.

“And that’s why I feel like this hearing was a perfect metaphor for the worst of the education system in America,” Noah said. “Here’s a student who’s clearly not proficient in the required subject matter, but because of the system, we know they’re still going to get pushed through.”

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