People Are Shocked By Conservative Artist's Betsy DeVos Cartoon

It appears to compare DeVos to civil rights hero Ruby Bridges.

The drama surrounding the confirmation of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos won’t stop.

A political cartoon published Monday in Illinois outlet the Belleville News-Democrat appears to draw parallels between DeVos and civil rights activist Ruby Bridges. In 1960, at the age of 6, Bridges became the first black child to integrate a segregated, all-white elementary school. Federal marshals had to escort the child into the school while crowds of people taunted her.

Her story was documented in a famous Norman Rockwell painting, called “The Problem We All Live With.” The painting looks similar to the cartoon drawn by conservative artist Glenn McCoy, which depicts Betsy DeVos instead of Bridges.

Protesters blocked Devos from entering a Washington D.C. public school last week. Security guards helped escort her through the crowd. She eventually got in through a different entrance.

Twitter users responded with outrage to the cartoon, with prominent figures like Chelsea Clinton sounding off.

McCoy declined requests for an interview.

DeVos ― who comes from a billionaire Michigan family ― faced an especially contentious confirmation process. After 50 senators voted against her, Vice President Mike Pence cast the tie-breaking vote in her favor. It was the first time ever that a vice president has cast a tie-breaking vote for a Cabinet nominee.

DeVos’ nomination inspired protests around the country, with critics asserting that she was unfamiliar with basic education policy and intent on dismantling the traditional education system. DeVos has been an education reform activist for many years.

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