Bette Midler's Daughter Looks Just Like Her Now


Bette Midler and her daughter, Sophie von Haselberg, sat in the front row of the Marchesa show on Wednesday night during New York Fashion Week.

As People Magazine pointed out, they look exactly alike.

With them looking like identical clones, one may wonder who is the Better Midler. 

Midler has won four Golden Globes over her career, and her daughter is pursuing acting as well.

The two have shared a director in Garry Marshall, who directed Midler in the 1988 movie "Beaches" and von Haselberg in her New York City debut, "Billy & Ray," in 2014.

Marshall told The New York Times in 2014 this memory about the two, recalling, "I remember on the set of 'Beaches,' holding her hand and saying, 'Let’s go see what Mommy’s doing now.'"

But with the two looking so similar, what if he actually was holding Midler's hand and von Haselberg was starring on the set? How can he be sure?

Seems like the two are basically the same person -- and they can both be the Best Midler. (And/or von Haselberg.) 


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