Bette Midler Isn't Happy About The Tiny Pretzels In United Airlines' First Class

Economy passengers might think that the first-class travelers have it all: extra leg room, hot towels and better television shows. Alas, life in first class isn't always what it's cracked up to be. Just ask Bette Midler.

On Tuesday, June 17, Midler posted a photo to Twitter taken from her first-class seat aboard a United Airlines flight the week before. In the shot, she displays a particularly puny salty snack in her hand.

The airline responded to the 68-year-old star's photo with a tweet of its own.

Here's what she had to say about that:

On its website, United boasts a long list of first-class amenities, including complimentary drinks and meal service for those flying nationally. Its United Global First tickets offer even more perks, such as customized dining experiences with local fare and dessert selections like ice cream sundaes, fresh fruit or cheeses.

A spokesman for the company told The Huffington Post: "We enjoyed getting Ms. Midler’s feedback and having her on board. We serve mini pretzels as a cocktail snack before the main dish, and Ms. Midler appeared to have selected one of those pretzels for social media fame."