Better Angels - a new podcast for the activist spirit

Better Angels - a new podcast for the activist spirit
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By Sarah Brown, President of Theirworld and Executive Chair of the Global Business Coalition for Education

There does seem to be a big need for some good news - with so much access to 24/7 news, we learn heartbreaking stories of the impact of conflict, abuse and other dark challenges faced by people everywhere. Yet as a society we are doing better in lots of ways, and wonderful, committed people exist everywhere who are taking daily actions to help others, innovate to improve lives and enrich our world in all kinds of inspiring, creative ways. It is important to celebrate those who are helping to make the world a better place and learn from them too.

In the midst of unprecedented global change we do still need to figure out smart ways to share the world's resources and to ensure that each person can be safe, have enough to eat, the change to grow and learn and thrive. In my work I am privileged to meet all kinds of astonishing women, men and children, and for years I have been saying how I must interview them and share their stories more widely.

This year I have finally recorded interviews at the World Humanitarian Summit, at the United Nations General Assembly and on trips to places as diverse as Los Angeles, Beirut and Edinburgh. I have been finding out all kinds of interesting things from Nobel Laureates, political leaders, business executives, writers, performers and comedians, journalists, and some remarkable young people who are dedicated to changing the world. Our conversations focus on change, laughter, challenge and overcoming fear, and more.

Each episode looks at a different subject and provides an opportunity to share the insights of a range of fascinating people. The first episodes span: Education by Inspiration, Finding Your Voice I, Activating Yourself, Power of Laughter, Changemakers, and Risking Your Life for Change. A number of longer Interview Specials will also be dropped over December 16/January 17.

Recording the Better Angels podcasts offers a luxury to talk in depth to some extraordinary people and to explore how the medium opens up a thoughtful and reflective discussion often not easy to find when cameras are around. I have been an early adopter of Twitter finding easy access to a supportive and engaged audience at a time when I was firmly in the public eye. While that audience has stayed and followed my engagement with many campaigns and causes, I hope that many will find the world of podcast appealing for a more in depth, substantial but no less entertaining look at the people in my world. This is another great way to find my voice and share the voice of many others.

I hope this is the just the start of a longer series, but the first episodes of my Better Angels podcast start on 3rd November 2016 and drop weekly after that.

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