Better Place Electric Car Infrastructure Primer (VIDEO)

Better Place Electric Car Infrastructure Primer (VIDEO)

We've followed Shai Agassi's "Better Place" electric car infrastructure proposals with great interest, wondering if places that have struck deals with Agassi (Israel, San Francisco, Hawaii, Australia and elsewhere) will reap the rewards any time soon.

The general idea is that a municipality works with Better Place to build charging stations all over the place, people with electric cars drive around and charge up when they need (paying for the electricity they use, of course), and it has a shot to work because with the city (or province, state or country) involved, they can roll it out widely right off the bat, so the range of electric cars is immediately expanded.

Great -- make it easier for people to give up oil, right? But there are plenty of hurdles to a full-on electric-car revolution.

This new video from WorldFocus isn't a ton of new news, but it's a clear look at the Better Place project, with a little insightful skepticism, to boot. (Why build Better Place if most people wouldn't need a recharge on an average day?)


For more skepticism, check out a Treehugger reader's arguments with Better Place.

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